Online Weigh-in Permit

For faster and convenient service you can now request your L15, W, or Special Use Tournament Weigh-In Permit online. This online access allows you to check date availability, schedule, and reserve dates for  tournament weigh-ins. 

To request a weigh in permit click on the link below, complete the permit request form and submit. Your request will be reviewed in the order it was received and upon approval, a permit will be mailed to you within 7 to 10 business days.

A permit is required at N. C. Wildlife Resources Commission Ramps when an organization plans to conduct a tournament weigh-in at a WRC boating access area.
  • L-15 permits are required for tournaments with 15 or fewer vessels. They can be used statewide and expire annually.  One permit is allowed per organization.
  • W permits are issued for tournaments with more than 15 vessels and they are site, date, and vessel quantity specific.  They are one time use only.
  • Special Use Permits are required to hold an event other than a tournament weigh in at a WRC boating access area. The event must be approved by the Engineering Services Division Chief.

If you encounter any difficulties, require assistance or have any questions please contact us at 919-707-0150.

Request your L15, W, or Special Use Tournament Weigh-In Permit

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