Infrastructure ADA Upgrades Internship

All supplies and equipment are supplied by the Wildlife Resources Commission. All work-related travel expenses are paid by the Wildlife Resources Commission. All interns are paid overtime in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards act and agency policy. Please note that housing is the responsibility of the intern.

Project Name: Infrastructure ADA Upgrades 



 Assist the Agency in upgrading existing infrastructure to provide ADA accessibility.

Project Location:

 County: Mecklenburg

Location Description: Home Office within the work area; Field location such as a depot

Academic Majors:

Civil Engineering

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required: 

Tasks and Duties:

Perform site assessments to determine compliance with ADA guidelines.  Complete any required permitting and construction drawings in order to construct site improvements to meet ADA guidelines.

Travel Required:

Weekly travel, with some overnight. 

Work Schedule:

Weekdays (M-F)

Final Product:

At the end of the internship, we expect to have completed designs to bring our western Boating Access Areas up to ADA compliance.  In addition, the intern should oversee the construction of several of these projects. 

Knowledge Gained:

The intern will gain knowledge is site surveying, permitting, conceptual and construction drawings, and construction administration.


How to Apply:

Learn about the application process.