Central Region Fisheries Internship

All supplies and equipment are supplied by the Wildlife Resources Commission. All work-related travel expenses are paid by the Wildlife Resources Commission. All interns are paid overtime in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards act and agency policy. Please note that housing is the responsibility of the intern.

Project Name: Central Region Fisheries Internship:

This internship opportunity will provide the successful candidate with valuable experience in fisheries management. Specifically, the internship will provide exposure to management activities for nongame and sport fish species as well as fish production. Field work will be a major component of this internship. 


The goal of this internship project is to expose the successful candidate to the multiple aspects of being a fisheries biologist. The intern will spend time working with the Aquatic Wildlife Diversity and Sport Fish programs. 

Project Location:

County: Granville County

Location: Rodgers Lake Depot1718 NC Hwy 56Creedmoor, NC 27522

Location Description: Field location such as a depot

Academic Majors:

Fisheries Management, Wildlife Management, Ecology, Biology, Zoology, Ichthyology, Natural Resources Management, Aquaculture.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

The successful candidate should have knowledge of basic biological concepts. The candidate should be able to conduct strenuous activities in and around streams and lakes. A valid driver's license is required. 

Tasks and Duties:

The intern will assist with conducting routine sampling for game and nongame organisms. Tasks include snorkeling, seining, electrofishing, stocking aquatic organisms, data entry, identification of aquatic species, and routine maintenance of equipment and facilities.

Travel Required:

Overnight travel up to 3 nights per week.

Work Schedule:

Weekdays (M-F)


Final Product:

There will be two main outcomes of this project:1)The intern will be have a good understanding of the different aspects of fishery management2) The Inland Fisheries Division will benefit from having extra assistance with management activities.

Knowledge Gained:

The intern will gain knowledge and experience in the many aspects of fisheries management.

How to Apply:

Learn about the application process.