Internships: Wildlife Educator-Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education

All supplies and equipment are supplied by the Wildlife Resources Commission. All work-related travel expenses are paid by the Wildlife Resources Commission. All interns are paid overtime in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards act and agency policy. Please note that housing is the responsibility of the intern.

Project Name: Wildlife Educator-Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education

This project is located in the mountains of WNC at the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education which sits next to the Davidson River in the Pisgah National Forest. This internship provides an educational opportunity for anyone interested in a career in non-formal education. The intern will experience working for state government as part of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and aid in the Commission's efforts to provide opportunities for every adult and child, regardless of physical abilities, to experience North Carolina's wildlife resources.  So, you may spend the morning helping kids fish at a local lake and the afternoon kicking up macro-invertebrates to determine water quality and appropriate trout habitat.


The primary purpose of Wildlife Education is to administer and coordinate educational programs designed to facilitate the conservation of the state's wildlife and other interrelated natural resources and the environment humans share with these resources. The intern will teach existing programs to the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education's program participants and interpret the exhibits to the center visitors.

Project Location:

County: Transylvania

Location: Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education, 1401 Fish Hatchery Road, Pisgah Forest, NC 28768

Location Description: Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education

Academic Majors:

Wildlife/Wildlife Biology, Biology, fisheries, Science Education, Early Childhood Education, Education, Zoology, Natural Science, Natural Resource Mgt, Parks and Recreation, Conservation Biology, Environmental Education, Secondary Education

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

Since we view an internship as a time to learn in a real world educational experience that will help students explore a possible intended career we ask that the internship candidate be interested in providing programs to NC citizens on the conservation of fish and wildlife resources and their habitats in order for them to enjoy wildlife-associated recreation.

Tasks and Duties:

  • Teaching wildlife education programs to children (preK- high school) and adults including fishing programs and visitor enhancements thru exhibit interpretation.
  • Teach wildlife education programs
  • Team teach fishing programs
  • Interpret the trout hatchery to visitors

Travel Required:

No travel required

Work Schedule:

Rotating schedule Mon -Fri  followed by Tues-Sat; Frequent Weekends

Final Product:

The final outcome will be an increase in the number of education programs that can be offered free to the public. The intern will gain real world experience in a non-formal setting teaching children and adults hands-on programs, as well as gaining knowledge in wildlife education. The intern will gain valuable experience with public speaking as well as becoming a valued member of the PCWE team. The intern will understand the importance of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission's mission which is "to conserve North Carolina's wildlife resources and their habitats and provide programs and opportunities that allow hunters, anglers, boaters, and other outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy wildlife-associated recreation."

Knowledge Gained:

The intern will learn the operations of a wildlife education center and will learn ways to teach programs to all age levels from prek-adult.The intern will learn how to teach a group in a non-formal setting along with experience in public speaking and group dynamics.  (non-formal education principles, public speaking, group dynamics, wildlife education knowledge, trout hatchery operations, fishing techniques, stream entomology, wildlife education center operations)

How to Apply:

Learn about the application process.