North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Broad River Basin

The Broad River basin in North Carolina is 1,513 square miles with 1,495 stream miles, and 1,954 reservoir acres. It begins along the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains, flowing southeast before crossing into South Carolina. The basin primarily drains in Polk, Rutherford and Cleveland counties, with small portions of Henderson, Buncombe and McDowell counties in the headwaters, and Lincoln and Gaston counties in the lower basin. Major reservoirs (by tributary) include the Green River (Lake Summit and Lake Adger); the Broad River (Lake Lure and Gaston Shoals); the First Broad River (Stice Shoals); the Second Broad River (Cliffside, Henrietta and Caroleen); and Britten Creek (Pavillion).

Priority watersheds in the Broad River basin include Green and Upper First Broad rivers and Kings Creek.

Overall, water quality is good where N.C. Division of Water Quality data are available; however, there is a lack of data in some parts of the basin and problems with water quality in other portions. The predominant threats in the portions where data are available are:
  • Excessive erosion and other impacts from poorly managed development and agriculture
  • Hydraulic and hydrologic alterations to streams
  • Point source pollution
Priority species of concern or interest (partial listing-see link below for complete listing):
Snail bullhead
  • Creeper (mussel)
  • Broad River Stream crayfish
Priority species in the Broad River Basin
Priority conservation areas in the Broad River Basin
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