Habitat Conservation Recommendations

Conserve and Manage Habitats

Scientific research has revealed certain conservation thresholds, or minimum habitat area requirements, that are needed to sustain priority species and habitats near built areas. Click on each tab for specific science-based habitat conservation and habitat management recommendations. We recommend that habitats mapped in the Biodiversity and Wildlife Habitat Assessment, part of the Conservation Data for Green Growth, be considered as priority for implementing these conservation recommendations.  See Section 3 of the GGT Handbook for more information on how to use the Conservation Data for Green Growth to identify the priority wildlife habitats below.

See Section 3 of the Handbook for details

To accomplish wildlife conservation, habitats needs to be of sufficient interior 'core area' with minimal habitat edge.  Habitats also need to be connected.  For more information see the 'Connect' tab on the previous page.


Recommendations Summary