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Media Contact: Chris Baranski

YANCEYVILLE, N.C. (July 19, 2013) — The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is holding a public meeting July 24, at 7 p.m., in Yanceyville to seek input in developing a management plan for R. Wayne Bailey-Caswell Game Land. The meeting will be held at the Caswell County Center in the Agriculture Building.

Wildlife Commission staff will use public input from the meeting to help guide management and user activities on R. Wayne Bailey-Caswell Game Land for the next 10 years. The game land comprises 17,788 acres in Caswell County and is a popular destination for big and small game hunting, fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing. The area may be best known for its wild turkey hunting opportunities.  Trapping and relocation of wild turkeys from this game land were pivotal in the successful restoration of the species across North Carolina.

“We are seeking input from all users of R. Wayne Bailey-Caswell Game Land and others who are interested in how the property is managed,” said Lands Program Manager Isaac Harrold. “This meeting is not just for hunters and anglers. It is for wildlife watchers and photographers, birding groups, hikers,and others who have interest in R. Wayne Bailey-Caswell Game Land. Everyone is encouraged to provide input.”

The Wildlife Commission also is accepting comments and suggestions from people who do not attend the meeting. Submit comments regarding the for R. Wayne Bailey-Caswell Game Land management plan to Comment on Game Land Plans. Comments also can be e-mailed to gamelandplan@ncwildlife.org. Type “R. Wayne Bailey-Caswell Plan” on the subject line.

The Wildlife Commission will provide updates on development of the new management plan for the R. Wayne Bailey-Caswell Game Land on Facebook and Twitter.