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Tar River Fisheries Report - March 24, 2014

Coastal Rivers Fisheries Reports – Roanoke River(3/20/2014)




River sampled:

Roanoke River


FisheriesBiologists conducting sampling:

JeremyMcCargo and Katy Potoka


Dateof sample:



Area(s)of river sampled, and water temps:

Hwy. 48 bridge to Powerlines near Gaston Boating Access Area

Weldon Boating Access Area to Big Rock, including Little River


            48 degrees


Boatramp(s) used to access river:

Gaston BAA and Weldon BAA


Species (spp) information:

·       Spp. captured:

American shad at Gaston area

Hickory shad at Weldon area

No striped bass sampled at either site

·       Numbers by spp:

10 American shad at Gaston area

23 Hickory shad at Weldon area


·       Size range by spp:

Hickory shad – 12 inches to 20 inches

American shad – 16 to 20 inches


·       Max size for spp:

500mm (20 inches), 1.7kg, Female



·       Sex ratio by spp:

American shad: 5 females, 5 males


Hickoryshad: 4 females, 19 males

·       Were the fish tagged?

No tagging of American or hickory shad




River level and other water quality observations (turbity, etc.):


High, flows at 16,800; muddy


Weather conditions on sampling date?


Sunny, bluebird skies, 60 degrees by mid-afternoon; beautiful


Your observations of other people fishing on the river:


Lots of shoreline activity at the Weldon Boating Access Area ~30 anglers; 4-5 boats on the river


Comments to anglers about your sampling results, and fishing-related conclusions that can be drawn from your data:


Spawning migration of hickory shad appears to be in its early stages.


Creel Survey Information


Forthe first two weeks of March, creel clerks interviewed anglers throughout the upper and lower Roanoke River with most striped bass catch and harvestoccurring in the lower Roanoke with anglers interviewed at Williamston toJamesville to Plymouth to Hwy 45 with some keepers as well as some smaller striped bass released. A few striped bass were caught and harvested around Gaston and Weldon.

Anglershave caught hickory shad throughout the Roanoke, mostly at Weldon, as well as some anglers catching hickory shad on the Cashie River near Windsor this year.

River conditions:  High flows with water temps creeping towards 50 degrees.


First day of spring: anglers seeking their harbinger



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Tar River Water Conditions

Fisheries Biologist Kirk Rundle holds an American shad that was sampled on March 17 from the Tar River.