North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Cape Fear River Fisheries Report - May 26, 2017



River sampled:

Cape Fear River


Fisheries Biologists conducting sampling:

Kyle Rachels, Clint Morgeson, Madison Polera


Date of sample:

May 23, 2017


Area(s) of river sampled:

East Arcadia


Boat ramp(s) used to access river:

Lock & Dam 1


Species (spp) information:

  • Spp. captured:

Striped Bass


  • Numbers by spp:

Striped Bass             4


  • Size range by spp:

Striped Bass16–20 in


  • Max size for spp:

Striped Bass20 in, 3.3lbs


  • Sex ratio by spp:

Striped Bass4 Females


  • Were the fish tagged?

Striped Bass were tagged with red or yellow external tags.




River level and other water quality observations (turbidity, etc.):

The Cape Fear River was 79°F and fairly clear. Streamflow was 1,800 cfs at Lock & Dam 1 and rising.   



Weather conditions on sampling date?

70°F and rainy.



Your observations of other people fishing on the river:

No anglers were observed.



Comments to anglers about your sampling results, and fishing-related conclusions that can be drawn from your data:

Water temperatures are well above the tolerable level for American Shad and Striped Bass spawning and few fish were observed below Lock & Dam 1, signaling the end of the 2017 spawning season. Anglers will be shifting gears to pursue catfish, sunfish, and Largemouth Bass.