Roanoke River Coastal Fisheries Report
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Roanoke River Fisheries Report - May 19, 2017



River sampled:

Roanoke River


Fisheries Biologists conducting sampling:

Katy Potoka, Chris Smith, and Jen Atherton


Date of sample:

5/15/2017 & 5/18/2017


Area(s) of river sampled, and water temps:

Roanoke River around Weldon


Boat ramp(s) used to access river:

Weldon BAA


Species (spp) information:

  • Spp. captured:

Striped Bass



  • Numbers by spp:

Striped Bass- 326



  • Size range by spp:

Striped Bass 9–45 inches


  • Max size for spp:

Striped Bass 45 inches 48.5 lbs.




  • Sex ratio by spp (Male:Female):

Striped Bass 6:1



  • Were the fish tagged?

On Monday, 216 Striped Bass were tagged with yellow anchor tags and 41 were tagged with red high reward tags worth $100.



River level and other water quality observations (turbidity, etc.):

Discharge was around 11,500 cfs, water was murky with temperatures between 71°C and 73°C around the Weldon area.


Weather conditions on sampling date?

The weather on both sampling days was warm with temperatures in the 80s.


Your observations of other people fishing on the river:

On Monday, roughly 20 boats were observed around the Weldon boating access area. Anglers reported good catch rates in the morning with fewer fish caught in the afternoon. Most of the anglers were between the boat ramp and big rock, while a few were fishing upstream of the railroad track bridge.


Comments to anglers about your sampling results, and fishing-related conclusions that can be drawn from your data:


Striped Bass spawning activity was high on Monday with visible rock fights occurring from the rapids near the boat ramp down to Big Rock. Anglers reported seeing rock fights again on Tuesday and then fewer on Wednesday. The electrofishing catch rates on Thursday were much lower, and only one rock fight was observed. Peak spawning is likely over, as spawned out females were collected and water temperatures are on the rise. Some anglers, however, have reported decent catch rates.


2017 Roanoke River Creel Survey Information:

Jeremy McCargo, Anadromous Research Coordinator of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC), will share some creel survey information collected from different stretches along the Roanoke River during March, April, and May this season. The Roanoke River Creel Survey is designed and administered by the NCWRC through Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration funding to estimate angler effort, catch, and harvest of Striped Bass in the Roanoke River Management Area.


May 8–May 17

Upper River: WRC Boating Access Areas (BAA) near Gaston, Weldon, Scotland Neck

We are only conducting creel surveys at the Weldon Boating Access Area during the closed season. Fishing effort has been relatively light in the two weeks since the harvest season closed. Flows have come down and fishing conditions have improved. Those few anglers still trying their luck are having decent success. Fly fishermen and bait fishermen have reported good catches.

Related Information

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Note: This map is to be used for general informational purposes only and not for navigation of the Roanoke River. Rocks, logs, and other hazards are likely to be encountered anywhere in this area.

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District 1 Fisheries Biologist, Katy Potoka with a 48.5-pound Striped Bass collected from the Roanoke River this week.