North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Summary Fact Sheets

2018 - Falls Lake Largemouth Bass Fact Sheet (PDF)

2018 - Winter Trout Stocking in CFP Ponds (PDF)

2018  - Roanoke River American Shad Spawning Stock Survey (PDF)

2017 - An Overview of the Shearon Harris Reservoir Largemouth Bass Fishery 2007-2017 (PDF)

2017 - Assessing Blue Catfish Population Dynamics in Lake Gaston (PDF)

2017 - Black Bass Population Characteristics in Lake Norman After the Introduction of Alabama Bass (PDF)

2017 - Economic Impacts of Mountain Trout Fishing Fact Sheet (PDF)

2017 - Effects of a Regulation Change on White Bass in Jordan Lake (PDF)

2017 - Evaluation of Multiple Stocking Sites for Striped Bass Fingerlings on Badin Lake Using Genetic Tagging (PDF)

2017 - Lake Mattamuskeet Largemouth Bass Stocking Evaluation (PDF)

2017 - Lake Phelps Angler Survey (PDF)

2017 - Monitoring the Effects of Hydrilla Removal on Fish and Crayfish Communities in the Eno River (PDF)

2017 - Mountain Trout Fishing: Trout Angler Opinion Survey (PDF)

2017 - Mountain Trout Fishing: Understanding Landowners' Views Fact Sheet (PDF)

2017 - Movement of Triploid Grass Carp in the Pee Dee River (PDF)

2017 - Status of North Carolina's Herring Population - 10 Years Post Moratorium (PDF)

2016 - Assessing Spawning Activity of Anadromous Species in the Cape Fear River (PDF)

2016 - Roanoke River Striped Bass Spawning Stock Assessment  (PDF; 1.3 MB)

2016 - Sutton Lake Angler Survey – July 2015 – June 2016 (PDF)

2016 - Use of Trail Cameras to Assess Angler Usage on Trout Streams (PDF)