Privilege Licenses

Privilege licenses authorize particular hunting and inland fishing activities and must be obtained in addition to the appropriate basic license. Unless otherwise specified, privilege licenses are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

  • A $2 transaction fee as mandated by NCGS 113-270.1B may apply at time of license purchase.
Privilege Resident Nonresident

Big Game Hunting (Resident) or (Nonresident)
Needed to hunt deer, bear, and wild turkey. Nonresidents hunting bear or must also purchase the Bear Hunting Privilege License.

$10 $ 60
$195 GA
$100 SC
$160 TN
$ 85 VA

Big Game Hunting –Six-Day (Nonresident)
Hunting of deer, bear and wild turkey during the six-day period specified on the license. This license privilege is needed in addition to the basic state hunting license. Does not include the nonresident bear hunting privilege.

N/A $ 40
$110 GA
$ 80 SC
$ 90 TN
$ 80 VA

Bear Hunting (Nonresident)
Needed by nonresident license holders, in addition to the big game privilege, to hunt bear.
Nonresident lifetime license holders who purchased their license prior to May 24, 1994 do not have to purchase this additional privilege license to hunt bear. Those who purchased their license after this date must purchase this additional privilege license to hunt bear.

N/A $125

Bonus Antlerless Deer (Resident) or (Nonresident)
Allows the harvest of two additional antlerless deer per report card in counties or parts of counties with a maximum either-sex season or any municipality enrolled in the Urban Archery Season. Not valid for use on game lands. Refer to the Big Game section for more information.

$10 $10

Game Lands(Resident) or (Nonresident)
Needed to hunt or trap on game lands. See the Game Lands section for other uses that require a game lands license.

$15 $15

Waterfowl Hunting(Resident) or (Nonresident)
Needed to hunt waterfowl.

$10 $10

HIP Certification (federal requirement)
(Resident) or (Nonresident)

Needed to hunt migratory game birds (waterfowl, doves, rails, gallinule, snipe and woodcock).


Special Trout Fishing (Resident) or (Nonresident)
Needed to fish in Public Mountain Trout Waters. Includes trout fishing on game lands.

$10 $10