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2017 North Carolina Duck Stamp Will Feature Gadwall

  • 13 March 2017
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2017 North Carolina Duck Stamp Will Feature Gadwall
A painting of a pair of gadwall, by Delaware artist Richard Clifton, will be featured on the 2017 North Carolina Waterfowl Conservation Stamp and Print, also known as the "duck stamp."

WASHINGTON, N.C. (March 13, 2017) — A painting of a pair of gadwall, by Delaware artist Richard Clifton, was selected as the 2017 North Carolina Waterfowl Conservation Stamp and Print.

The acrylic painting, which was unveiled on Feb. 9 at the North Carolina Estuarium in downtown Washington, will be used as the artwork on the 2017 N.C. Waterfowl Stamp and Print.

Signed and numbered regular edition prints with mint stamps will be available July 1 from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s N.C. Wild Store for $148.

Clifton was one of 39 wildlife artists from 19 states to submit entries in this year’s competition, which began in 2008 as a partnership between the Commission and the East Carolina Wildfowl Guild, and is now managed by the Washington Tourism Development Authority.

Clifton is a familiar face at North Carolina’s waterfowl conservation stamp and print competition, having won the competition two years in a row in 2011 and 2012, as well as placing second in 2010. He is an avid hunter and a self-taught wildlife artist who uses his experiences in the field as inspiration for his work. In addition to winning North Carolina’s duck stamp competition this year, Clifton took top honors in Oregon’s competition with his vivid portrayal of a pair of gadwall, and won Louisiana’s competition with his painting of three green-winged teal. He has painted 47 duck stamps from various states, the 1996 Australian duck stamp and the 2007-2008 federal duck stamp — the oldest and most prestigious wildlife art competition in the United States. 
According to Lynn Wingate, the tourism development director at Washington Tourism Development Authority, the entries in this year’s competition were some of the best she’s ever seen. “When you realize that you have entries from federal duck stamp winners, Ducks Unlimited artists of the year and past North Carolina winners, you realize that the level of competition is the crème de la crème.”

In addition to Clifton’s painting, the other top entries selected by a panel of judges were unveiled at the estuarium:

2nd place – Scot Storm, from Freeport, MN.

3rd place – John Brennan, from Lutz, Fla.

4th place – Jeffrey Klinefelter, from Etna Green, IN.

5th place – James Hautman, from Chaska, MN.

Proceeds from sales of the print and stamp support the Wildlife Resources Commission’s Waterfowl Fund, which generates revenue for the conservation of waterfowl habitat in North Carolina.

For more information about the competition visit the Washington Tourism Development Authority’s website.

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