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By NCWRC blogger on 2/6/2012 12:24 PM
There are a variety of reasons the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is proposing to make night hunting of feral hogs and coyotes legal in North Carolina, not the least of which is that feral hogs are a non-native species and coyotes are an invasive species that can be destructive to the landscape across the state.

And while hunting during daylight hours is one option, both species are very intelligent and adaptable.   “Hunting in daylight can be effective, but it teaches coyotes and swine, which are very intelligent animals, to just come out at night to avoid being hunted,” said Perry Sumner, a biologist and section manager with the Commission. “Plus, at night, it’s easier to spot them without them seeing you.”

Coyotes first made their appearance...

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