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Countdown Continues: Just One More Day ‘til Dixie Deer Classic

Feb 28

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2/28/2013 4:36 PM  RssIcon

RALEIGH (Feb. 28, 2013) — We are getting locked and loaded for the Dixie Deer Classic that starts tomorrow at the N.C. State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.  As y’all might guess, a big event like that means a big “To Do” list.

Sure enough, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is going to be there in a big, B-I-G way.  We’re sending folks from Wildlife Management, Law Enforcement, Conservation Education, Wildlife Diversity, Publications, even Inland Fisheries. Yep, fisheries staff at the Dixie Deer Classic. That’ll be a first for us.

Stop by and say “Hi” at any of a number of Wildlife Commission booths, tables, seminars and exhibit trailers that we’ll be staffing.  While you’re chatting it up with us, be sure to register for the many prizes that we’ll be giving away. Check us out:

Wildlife Management biologists will be present to answer questions, discuss the status of deer in North Carolina and explain how to age deer. They will have an array of pelts, as well as deer jawbones and skulls..

Education Program Coordinator Beth Gunnwill be teaching four seminars on “Becoming an Outdoor Woman” (BOW). Seminar attendees will have a chance to win a Remington model 700 rifle and two BOW event scholarships to upcoming events.

Wildlife Enforcement Officers will be staffing their popular Sensory Safari trailer that allows visitors to see and touch wildlife mounts, pelts, duck wings, and even skulls and turtle shells. Officers will be sharing the ever-relevant messages about hunting safety through the Home from the HuntTM campaign.

Wildlife in North Carolina magazine staff will be giving free samples of our agency’s award-winning magazine. They also will have three “hunters’ prize packs” to give away through a magazine subscription promotion.

“The Allen Company has donated some nice products for us to give away, including a gun case, hoist system, lanyard, shooting stick and fanny pack,” said Wildlife Commission Marketing Director Jenny Harris. “We will draw three winners at the end of the Dixie Deer Classic from the pool of people who subscribe to the Wildlife magazine at the Classic.”

For the snake lovers out there, we’ll have Wildlife Commission staff working alongside partners from the N.C. Herpetological Society and NCPARC to provide opportunities for people to see and touch a variety of snakes and reptiles. The snake-handling opportunities will involve only non-venomous snakes, of course. If you’re in the look-but-don’t-touch crowd when it comes to snakes, you will be able to take home some free, cool-looking snake stickers too.

Inland Fisheries staff will be showcasing bass, bluegill and trout, among other fish species, through a mobile aquarium.  The aquarium’s appearance at the Dixie Deer Classic, which is tied in with “Youth Day” activities on Friday, will be the first time the aquatic outreach trailer has been exhibited at this event. Be sure to take a gander at it on Friday, March 1. It will be leaving the event at the conclusion of Friday’s Youth Day activities.

Make plans now. The Dixie Deer Classic will be held at the N.C. State Fairgrounds in Raleigh this weekend, March 1-3.

Sponsoredby the Wake County Wildlife Club, the Dixie Deer Classic is more than a deer show. The Classic is a diverse exhibition of the latest equipment and clothing,hunting and fishing trips, conservation groups, hunting personalities and educators. During the March 1 “Youth Day,” pre-school children and elementary schoolers will have a chance to win one lifetime hunting license, six subscriptions to Wildlife in North Carolina magazine, youth archery sets and more, simply by completing the NCSU Leopold Wildlife Club's Wildlife Scavenger Hunt.

Inaddition to educating youth at the Dixie Deer Classic, the Wake County Wildlife Club uses proceeds from the Classic to fund conservation work, and improve the management and use of North Carolina’s wildlife and natural resources.

For more information, visit

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