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Talkin' Turkey

Apr 1

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4/1/2013 1:26 PM  RssIcon

Here at the N.C.Wildlife Resources Commission, we are starting to get super excited about the upcoming spring turkey season April 6 to 12. ]. With a full week of youth-only hunting this year, more new hunters will likely be in the field than ever before. But even the most seasoned sportsman can have a terrible hunt if he orshe is not prepared. Here are some tips we gathered, from staff members, the National Wild Turkey Federation and a very popular turkey hunting clinic here at the Commission, to make this season your best year ever.

· Always bring rain gear. Nothing guarantees a surprise gully washer like forgetting the things that keep you dry. Also, bring clothing for cold and warm weather. Spring mornings can be extremely cold. And spring afternoons can be suffocatingly hot.

· Purchase your license well in advance, unless you are license-exempt. Make sure everyone in your party, including those license-exempt youths, has a big game report card.

· Review and follow safety procedures to avoid hurting yourself, a friend or a non-hunter. Also review regulations if you aren’t sure of the laws. Even if you think you are sure, it never hurts to review regulations..

· Never, ever wear red,white, blue or black on a turkey hunt. You don’t want to risk another hunter thinking you are a turkey.

· There are hundreds oftypes of turkey calls. You don’t need to buy them all. Find one you like, practice and use that. YouTube is a great place to learn how to call a turkey.

· Bring more drinking water than you think you need. Bring snacks, too.

· Bring a cushion seat.The bare ground can be hard and uncomfortable if sitting for long periods!

· Never wear new boots for the first time on a hunt. All-weather, broken-in boots are a must to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

· Be familiar with your gun, and practice shooting positions before you go.

· If hunting with buddies, be sure you all know the location of your meeting points.

· Put your cell phone on silent or vibrate to avoid alarming an approaching gobbler.

· Never stalk a turkey.

· Assume every noise or movement is another hunter — not a turkey. Make your position known to other hunters.

· Shout “stop” to alertapproaching hunters unaware of your location.

·  If hunting with more than one gun, keep ammo separate and be sure to use the correct ammo in the correct gun.

·  Refer to our Hunter’s Equipment Checklist to make sure you have what you need.

·  If you are hunting in a different state, make sure you acquire a non-resident license and know that state’s regulations.

· Pack a first-aid kit,and basic emergency supplies, such as fire starter and a blanket. Have a plan for emergencies.

· Be sure to leave a hunting trip plan with someone you trust, and check in from time to time.

· Don’t get so excited about firing that you forget to check what is both in front of and behind your target.

·  If hunting on private property, secure written permission from the landowner.

·  Have a plan for getting your harvest out of the woods before you make the shot. If you are hunting downhill from your car, be certain you can move your harvest up the hill.

·  Pack a camera and batteries, and send pictures to

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Re: Talkin' Turkey

Never wear black while turkey hunting and WHAT DO THE PEOPLE IN THE PIC HAVE ON ??? Good one

By Todd Edwards on   4/14/2013 7:31 PM

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