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Anticipation Builds for Youth Hunter Education Skills Tournament Championship

Apr 26

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4/26/2013 7:30 PM  RssIcon

As the sun rises upon the Millstone 4-H Center near Ellerbe in Richmond County, hundreds of young folks eagerly anticipate the day’s competition about to take place. 

They come from every corner of North Carolina to display the skills they have honed from countless hours of practice over the years of their young lives. They have learned to aim small and score big.  They’ve made sacrifices just as their parents and coaches have to reach this level.  The skills they will display have required discipline and control to master, but master they have.  They have proven themselves as the best within their division and district.  Now they wait, with butterflies in their stomachs.

Finally, an arrow cuts the morning air and strikes itsmark.  A sporting clay explodes into black dust following the report of a shotgun blast. 

It has begun.  

If their prowess proves enough, they and their teammates will walk away from the day as the North Carolina Youth Hunter Education Skills State Champion.  The tournament, now in its 35th year, will showcase the best teams and individuals from the nine districts across the state.  These highly proficient youth hunter education skills students will be competing in four events throughout the day.  They will display archery, rifle and shotgun marksmanship, along with orienteering skills. A written test will gauge their knowledge of wildlife. 

The teams are made up of individuals from public and private schools, as well as home-schooled students, 4-H and FFA teams that meet the requirements.  The teams vie for top honors in these events from a senior or junior level and individual awards willalso be earned.  If you’re interested in an impressive spectacle, the Millstone 4-H Center on April 27, 2013, is theplace to find it.

You’ll find the best North Carolina has to offer. 

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