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Number of Women Hunters Steadily Increases in North Carolina

Feb 1

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2/1/2012 12:54 PM  RssIcon

The number of women hunters in North Carolina keeps increasing, statistics from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission show.

While overall hunting license sales have fluctuated somewhat in recent years, the number of women buying hunting licenses in the state has steadily gone up, according to Harvey White with the Commission’s Administrative Services Division.

This can be attributed to numerous factors, but there are a couple we’d like to acknowledge and promote:
- The Becoming an Outdoors-Woman program.  This program for women 18 and older provides hands-on experiences in a variety of outdoor instructional activities, including hunting. The next big activity is a weekend workshop on April 13-15 at the Eastern 4-H Conference Center in Columbia, N.C. The workshop includes expert instruction in activities ranging from fishing and target shooting to outdoor cooking and bird watching.

- The Hunter Education Program. This instruction is more than firearm safety, with basic courses covering ethics and responsibility, conservation and wildlife management, wildlife identification, survival and first aid, specialty hunting and tree stand safety. Advanced courses provide specialized, single-topic instruction in orienteering, muzzleloading, trapping, archery and tree stand safety. The program is statewide and FREE!Here are the actual stats:


N.C. Hunting License Sales

Fiscal Year

Total Licenses Sold

Licenses Sold to Women
















3 comment(s) so far...

Re: Number of Women Hunters Steadily Increases in North Carolina

Hello, could you tell me where you found the info on the license sales? Looking for this for the US. Need a nationwide number. Thanks!

By Megan on   4/2/2012 11:52 AM

Re: Number of Women Hunters Steadily Increases in North Carolina

Hallelujah Women!! It is time for the outdoor woman, young, old, beginner, novice, all of us!! Today's woman is coming out and the female sportsman is showing up and I for one am proud to see it! It's time! Fishing, hunting, birding, shooting, boating, whichever it is, our followers need to see our women are ready, able, capable and becoming more and more knowledgeable and visible! Let's keep it going. The number of female youth wanting to get out there is so increasing. More women are driving trucks, more new drivers are tell daddy's the need a truck to haul their deer or their Jon boats or whatever the interest and I for one am loving it! Let's go girls !!

By Tonya Cruse on   11/23/2014 12:29 PM

Re: Number of Women Hunters Steadily Increases in North Carolina

We checked with out agency's licensing department. You might check with U.S. Fish and Wildlife to see if they have nationwide numbers.

By NCWRC blogger on   4/2/2012 11:57 AM

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