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Setting the Spotted Bass State Record Straight

Feb 29

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2/29/2012 10:14 AM  RssIcon

Since earlier this month, rumors have been flying over social media and various fishing-related blogs that a spotted bass caught from Lake Norman on Feb. 11 is destined to be the next new freshwater fishing state record.  However, fisheries biologists with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission want to set the record straight.

While it’s true that a fish looking like a spotted bass of state-record size was caught from Lake Norman, biologists suspect that the fish is actually a hybrid between a largemouth bass and spotted bass. They met with the angler and his fish on Feb. 12-13 and, after careful inspection of the fish, determined that most of the fish’s characteristics indicate a hybrid.  Being a hybrid, the fish would not qualify for a state record because the Commission does not recognize state records for hybrids, with the exception of hybrid striped bass, which are produced and stocked by the Commission. 

If you want to check out the state-record contender, visit Bass Pro Shops in Concord, which will eventually display the fish in the store’s 23,000-gallon freshwater tank.

To determine the fish’s genetics, biologists took a small piece of the fish’s fin and shipped it to the University of South Carolina, where experts there will determine via genetic analysis whether the fish is a spotted bass, largemouth bass or hybrid of the two.

Biologists hope to have test results back from USC in a few weeks. Once they get the results of the genetic tests, you can be one of the first to get the news by signing up with Twitter and Facebook. We’ll also be advising folks through this Conserve and Protect blog, as well as a news release, which we will post on our website, under the News section and on the Fishing page.

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Re: Setting the Spotted Bass State Record Straight

Does the NCWRC have guidelines on what species qualify for a state record and what don't?

I notice a record for freshwater drum but thats a protected species in NC.

By Chris C on   3/16/2012 4:45 PM

Re: Setting the Spotted Bass State Record Straight

hi, you have a nice guideline in your blog"Setting the Spotted Bass State Record Straight" , nice posting , Thank you so much!

By umesh on   10/25/2012 1:38 AM

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