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May 23 Fishing Report

May 24

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5/24/2012 8:15 AM  RssIcon

Last Report of the 2012 Striped Bass Season on the Roanoke River

On Tuesday, biologists with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission completed their last spawning stock assessment of the season. They collected about 75 striped bass while electrofishing at Weldon. According to Jeremy McCargo, a few stragglers are left, but for the most part the striped bass have made their way back down the river to the Albemarle Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.

Many thanks to the folks who made the fishing report possible this year: Jeremy McCargo, Chad Thomas, Ben Ricks and Kevin Dockendorf, who provided valuable field assistance, as well as provided updates for the fishing report throughout the season. Pete Kornegay and Frank McBride provided timely information from the creel survey that greatly assisted the report.

Without their weekly input, these reports could not have been written.

A special thanks to Charlton Godwin and Division of Marine Fisheries staff, as well as Julie Harris with N.C. State University, for their assistance with tagging fish. For more information about the striped bass tagging program click here .

Fishing effort is winding down, although there will be a few fish around for another week or so, so anglers who continue to fish should follow some simple rules to keep stripers alive for next season’s fishing.

Through June 30, anglers can use only a barbless hook or a lure with a single barbless hook (or the barb bent down) when fishing in inland waters of the Roanoke River upstream of the U.S. Hwy. 258 bridge. Also, anglers who are using top-water lures, or any artificial plug, should replace the two barbless hooks with a single barbless hook in the middle of the bait to reduce striper mortality.

Other ways to keep stripers alive are:

  • Keep the fish in the water when unhooking it
  • Use de-hookers whenever possible to help remove hooks quickly
  • Cut the line if the hook cannot be removed easily
  • Use a landing net made of rubber or knotless nylon, if necessary
  • Use small, non-offset circle hooks, preferably ones with the least amount of distance between the hook point and shank.


See you next spring.

1 comment(s) so far...

Re: May 23 Fishing Report

This was my first year fishing at Weldon. Either the stories about the striper fishing are lies, or the fishery is in serious trouble. I went the last weekend of April, caught 3 fish(all under 15") and saw 7 caught on other boats(6-hours).

I'm planning on giving it a shot again next year, hope the fishing is better or I won't come back.

By Johnathan Cartwell on   5/27/2012 12:54 PM

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