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Know Before You Go – Pre-Launch Boating Safety Checks Will Help

Jun 27

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6/27/2012 12:29 PM  RssIcon

Boating safety means being prepared. The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is helping by offering pre-launch boat safety checks this summer to make sure the required equipment is onboard, and to answer any questions that could help prevent a citation or accident.

Here are some recent comments that wildlife officers have heard from boaters after four pre-launch boating safety checks in the Piedmont.

As one boater from Mooresville explained to Master Officer Kenneth Osborne, "This was extremely helpful as our family is fairly new to boating.  We'd much rather make sure that we have everything right before hitting the water than get a ticket and have to pay a fine.  Most importantly, we'll feel much safer on the water now, knowing that we have all the safety equipment that we need.”

Another boater, being assisted by Wildlife Officer Scott Strickland, said, "We were short two life jackets and had no idea.  If something had gone wrong, who knows what could have happened?"  The group went directly to a nearby marina and purchased two PFDs and hit the water.

Meanwhile, a couple from Mocksville told Wildlife Officers Josh Hudson and Ron Robertson, "We love that you guys are doing this.  We honestly didn't know if we had all the necessary safety equipment on our boat.  Now I know exactly what we need and don't have to worry if I get stopped while on the water." 

-entry by Sgt. Jeremy Harrill

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Re: Know Before You Go – Pre-Launch Boating Safety Checks Will Help

This is a great program,I would like to see the pre launch checks all over .I know your officers are spread thin ,so is there a safe and legal check list online or that could be sent out with registration renewals.I've had to make quick trips to get throw cushions or drain plugs that are allways in the boat ,but were nowhere to be found as I started down the ramp. A pre trip check list at home would save valuable fishing time and ensure safe boating.

By Trollmonkey on   6/30/2012 11:03 AM

Re: Know Before You Go – Pre-Launch Boating Safety Checks Will Help

Trollmonkey, we have a checklist you can use here:

By NCWRC blogger on   7/2/2012 7:25 AM

New York Charters

yes this is the right way to safe boating

By Michael Cioffi on   12/7/2012 2:25 AM

Re: Know Before You Go – Pre-Launch Boating Safety Checks Will Help

Is it a law that you must wear a pfd in winter months?

By lewis smith jr on   3/8/2016 7:06 PM

Re: Know Before You Go – Pre-Launch Boating Safety Checks Will Help

Mr. Smith - depends on age, although we recommend that everyone wear a personal flotation device whenever on the water. The law, however, is anyone under the age of 13 must wear a PFD whenever the boat is underway, which means not anchored, moored or made fast to shore. Anyone 13 and older only requires the proper type and size of PFD is readily accessible. These laws apply throughout the year.

By NCWRC blogger on   3/9/2016 8:02 AM

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