North Carolina’s Wildlife Action Plan Revision Process

The North Carolina Wildlife Action Plan is intended to provide a foundation for State and Federal agencies and other conservation partners to think strategically about their individual roles and coordinate prioritizing conservation efforts throughout the state.  The current deadline to evaluate and revise the plan is October 2015.  

North Carolina’s revision process began with the September 2010 Climate Impacts Workshop held in Raleigh and continued with five regional workshops held during early 2011.  You can find more information about these workshops under the “Related Information” menu.

Updated Species Priority Lists: Evaluation and ranking criteria metrics were updated in 2013 and used by teams of species experts to identify Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) and species for which there are knowledge gaps and management concerns. The taxa review process is described in a white paper and an abbreviated outline (“cheat sheet”) of the ranking metrics that are available for download. Click on the document name to download a file in PDF format. 

  Taxa Review Process White Paper 
Ranking Metrics Cheat Sheet

Updated lists of SGCN and other species that are a priority based on knowledge gaps and management concerns are now available for download.  Click on the species group name to download a file in Excel format.

Freshwater Fish
Freshwater Mussels
Aquatic Snails 
Terrestrial Snails

Help Us Now:  Help us incorporate strategies and recommendations for addressing impacts to fish and wildlife species, including climate change impacts, by sending your comments to

Help Us Later:  Participate in future opportunities to review and comment on a variety of other topics. Future opportunities will be announced on the Commission’s website

If you have questions or need more information, contact Cindy Carr, Wildlife Action Plan Coordinator by email to

Contact Information

Please contact the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission with questions about the workshop, the N.C. Wildlife Action Plan or the climate change website.

Cindy Carr
Wildlife Action Plan Coordinator
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
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