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Yellow Perch Fishing In January by Bob Daw

Author: NCWRC blogger/Tuesday, February 9, 2016/Categories: Blog, Fishing

One of our long-time Facebook followers Bob Daw has seen a lot in his 66 years on earth. An avid fisherman and outdoor enthusiast, Bob lives on beautiful Blounts Creek in Beaufort County and spends much of his free time fishing, taking photographs and just enjoying the bountiful natural resources offered by Blounts Creek. He recently submitted the photo above, reminiscing about some favorite memories of mid-winter fishing in his youth. He is our guest blogger for this month.

This is Goldsboro fishermen Scott Mooring showing one of his fat Raccoon Perch that he caught in Blounts Creek.  I am 66 years old, and one of my favorite memories as a ten year old farm boy living down a path, off a dirt road in Goldsboro was my daddy and uncles waiting for the second week of January to convoy our old trucks & small boats towards Cotton Patch Landing to catch Raccoon Perch. 

Blounts Creek offers different types of fish  for all seasons of the year.  Old timers like me remember those magical mid January cold weather fishing trips to Blounts Creek.  You will have to picture in your mind  (1959)  three or four old 52 to 56 yr model trucks in convoy pulling old wood boats slowly heading to Cotton Patch Landing 75 miles away  to specifically fish for Raccoon Perch. 

Raccoon Perch are the hardest fish in the world to scale and clean.  They are good to eat but not really that special.  It was all about the quest of adventure and carrying on a family tradition passed on for generations.  Unfortunately,  this tradition has faded away just like our old time January Hog Killings.  All written just to say why seeing a fat Raccoon Perch caught in mid January excites old people like me.

P.S.  The official name of my Raccoon Perch given by our N.C. Wildlife is Yellow Perch. More information on yellow perch can be found on the Wildlife Commission's website


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