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Weigh-in & Special Use Permits

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Every year the NCWRC issues fishing tournament weigh-in and special use permits for each Wildlife Resources Commission Boating Access Area (BAA). The main purpose of these permits is to ensure that only allowable activities occur and that multiple large events do not occur concurrently at any site thereby helping to manage congestion and user accessibility. Currently, these permits are issued at no fee and are mailed or emailed to the permit holder so that it will be available on-site during the special use or tournament weigh-in.

These permits are first come, first serve. Thus, in order to guarantee that a BAA site is available, it is recommended that you need to call early within the request period. The request period for each year begins on November 1 of the preceding year. For weigh-in permits, our protocol is to limit use by a single group to less than 80% of the trailer parking spaces available at a given BAA. Therefore, we will issue weigh-in permits when the requested boat numbers are less than 80% of a given BAA's trailer space capacity. Currently, weigh-in permits that authorize fewer than 15 boats are issued as blanket authorizations and remain valid until January 31 of the following year.  

All organizations should be aware that these permits do not reserve a BAA and the site will remain available to others. In addition, approval is conditional. One condition is that the tournament or other special use must not interfere with the intended use of the area. The second is that the permitted activity should not block the ramps or disrupt area use. A third condition is that the Commission promotes the "Pack it in, Pack it out" mission meaning that the permit recipient is required to remove all litter generated at the site by event participants. And lastly, the permit must be available for inspection on-site during the event(s). One additional restriction is that Commission does not allow the selling of goods, materials or services at any BAA facility.

Wildlife Resources Commission BAAs are available to the public for the purpose of providing free public boat launching. Fishing tournament weigh-ins and other special uses require a permit from the Land and Water Access Section. Wildlife Enforcement Officers may request confirmation that a permit has been acquired.

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When you call, please be prepared to provide: 

  • an organization name
  • contact name
  • mailing address
  • boating access area name
  • body of water
  • a date for the requested event


If the event is a tournament weigh-in with fewer than fifteen (15) boats involved, you will not need to provide a tournament date nor location under the current guidelines. If you know that you will have several tournaments within the same year, it is best to call with all your dates at the same time, so that our office will be able to combine all the tournament permits into one.

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