2020 North Carolina Duck Stamp to Feature Tundra Swan

  • 28 February 2020
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2020 North Carolina Duck Stamp to Feature Tundra Swan
Adam Grimm's award-winning painting.

WASHINGTON, N.C. (Feb. 28, 2020) — A painting of a tundra swan in flight by South Dakota-based artist Adam Grimm has been selected as the 2020 North Carolina Waterfowl Conservation Stamp and Print.

The painting, which was selected by a panel of five judges on Jan. 28 in downtown Washington, will be used as the artwork on the 2020 N.C. Waterfowl Stamp and Print. Signed and numbered regular edition prints with mint stamps will be available July 1 from the Commission’s N.C. Wild Store for $149.

“It’s a tremendous honor to win this competition,” said Grimm. “I actually harvested my first tundra swan this year. I was just so taken by its beauty that I knew I wanted to capture something that represented that moment.”

Thirty-six artists from 20 different states submitted entries in this year’s competition, which began in 2008 as a partnership between the Commission and the East Carolina Wildfowl Guild. This year, artists could submit realistic renderings of a blue-winged teal, ruddy duck, bufflehead, lesser scaup or tundra swan. The 2020 competition was managed by the Washington Tourism Development Authority.

“You never know what the judges are looking for,” Grimm said. “I just try to paint what I like and hope that others like it, as well. This is my third state duck stamp competition win this year, so you could say I’m having a lucky streak.”

Other top entries in the 2020 competition included:

2nd place – Scot Storm of Minnesota (blue-winged teal)

3rd place – Buck Spencer of Oregon (tundra swan)

4th place – Richard Clifton of Delaware (lesser scaup)

5th place – John Brennan of Florida (lesser scaup)

Proceeds from sales of the print and stamp support the Wildlife Resources Commission’s Waterfowl Fund, which generates revenue for the conservation of waterfowl habitat in North Carolina.

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