Wildlife Commission Presents Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

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Wildlife Commission Presents Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a fun and engaging way for youth and adults to get outdoors? The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission invites you to participate in our short scavenger hunt for local plants and wildlife.

All you need is a camera and a desire to venture out and discover the outdoors in your backyard or nearby park. Each Monday for the next several weeks, a list of plants and animals will be posted on our blog and Facebook page.

Simply get outdoors, find the things on the list for your age group, take a landscape-oriented photo, and then email your photos to wildlifewatching@ncwildlife.org and include your name, age and city or county.

(Please note - your information will not be shared. This is only for our tracking purposes).

Our wildlife education team will pick some of the best photos and share then on our Facebook page.  

The scavenger hunt is broken into two age groups:

Ages 8 and under                                                        Ages 9 and older

Week 6 – May 11, 2020                                               Week 6 – May 11, 2020

Frog                                                                               Toad
Bird in Water                                                                Heron or Egret
Garden Plant                                                                 Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Helpful information:


What is the difference between a frog and a toad? That is not an easy answer. Their color and having dry skin or warts are not always good indicators for identification. In North Carolina, we have four species of “true” toads.

Herons and Egrets

Herons and egrets are large wading birds most often seen on the water’s edge searching for food. One species, the Great Blue Heron can be found across the state, often seen in urban ponds and waterways. They can also be found year-round in North Carolina.

Backyard Habitat

Spring is the time many homeowners are working in their yards and gardens. Please consider using native plants to attract birds and other local wildlife to enhance their needs. By doing so, you will also enhance your outdoor experience by being able to observe them.

Check out the list below for a previous week you may have missed:

Week 1 - April 6, 2020                                                  Week 1 – April 6, 2020

Red bird                                                                        Cardinal
Red flower                                                                    Dogwood tree or flower
Squirrel                                                                        Grey, red or fox squirrel or chipmunk

Week 2 - April 13, 2020                                                Week 2 – April 13, 2020

Blue bird                                                                                 Blue Jay
Blue or white flower                                                           Eastern Bluebird            
Yellow flower                                                                        Crepe Myrtle 

Week 3 - April 20, 2020                                                Week 3 – April 20, 2020

Lizard                                                                                     Green Anole
Dandelion                                                                            Azalea or other flowers 
Bird at Feeder                                                                      American Robin  

Week 4 - April 27, 2020                                                 Week 4 – April 27, 2020

Songbird                                                                        Mockingbird
Green Leaf                                                                     Oak Leaf          
Frog                                                                               Gray, green or squirrel tree frog 

Week 5 – May 4, 2020                                                 Week 5 – May 4, 2020

Wildlife Track                                                              Rabbit
Red Flower                                                                   Hummingbird
Fishing                                                                          Game Fish

Rules and General Information:
Searching and pictures can be taken from your backyard or neighborhood, local park, or another area that presents the opportunity to find what you seek. But, keep in mind the following:

Remember when using shared or outdoor spaces outside your residence you MUST, at all times and as much as reasonably possible, maintain social (physical) distancing of AT LEAST six (6) feet from any other person, with the exception of family or household members.  

Please note that local Emergency Orders may require more stringent standards. Prior to engaging in outdoor activities, check local government Emergency Orders for specific requirements. Also remember to respect private property and stay safe around wildlife by maintaining a respectful and safe distance.

The object of this activity is to send one image of the three plants or animals assigned each week to wildlifewatching@ncwildlife.org and include your name, age and city or county. Entries should be submitted by 9 p.m. on each Sunday.

No age limits or age restrictions – all ages welcome (anyone under the age of 18 should be supervised by their parents or guardians)

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt


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