Hunter Education Instructor Awards


North Carolina Volunteer Instructors are important and valued members of the hunter education team. The knowledge, skills and attitudes students learn during their formal hunter education training and their experiences afield are extremely important to the future generation of hunters. As a hunter education instructor, you are in a unique position to have a positive impact on each of your course participants. The commitment that our volunteer instructors have made to the hunter education program is a reflection of the appreciation and concern that they have for our wildlife resources.

The North Carolina Hunter Education Program hopes that all volunteer instructors find their experience to be rewarding. While we cannot formally recognize all of our volunteers, we would like to highlight our instructors of the year and our Hall of Fame Inductees on an annual basis.

All award recipients we nominated by either a staff member or fellow hunter education instructor. Award selection is made by the Hunter Education Advisory Council.

2019-2020 Zone Instructors of the Year:

  • Northern Coastal: Russell Rhodes
  • Southern Coastal: Ed Panas
  • Northern Piedmont: Stan Novak
  • Southern Piedmont: Todd Barnette
  • Northern Mountain: Travis Lewis
  • Southern Mountain: Dennis Futch


2019-2020 State Instructors of the Year:

  • Bowhunter Education Instructor of the Year: Jim Sheckels
  • Trapper Education Instructor of the Year: David Allen
  • State Instructor of the Year: Travis Lewis


2019-2020 Hall of Fame Inductees:


Allen Basala
Northern Piedmont

Terry Boyce
Northern Coastal

Ernest "Joe"  Darden
Southern Coastal

Link Grass
Northern Mountain

Claude Paris
Southern Piedmont

George Pullman
Southern Mountain