New Largemouth Bass Regulations for Randleman Reservoir in Effect March 1

  • 22 February 2012
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RANDLEMAN, N.C. (Feb. 22, 2012) —The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will implement new largemouth bass regulations for Randleman Reservoir effective March 1.


The minimum size limit will continue to be 14 inches; however, the daily creel limit of five fish will include two exceptions: two of the five fish can be less than 14 inches and only one of the five fish can be greater than 20 inches. The current statewide largemouth bass regulation allows anglers to harvest five fish 14 inches or larger daily with the exception that two fish can be less than 14 inches.


The Wildlife Commission took the proposed largemouth bass regulations for Randleman Reservoir to public hearings in September 2011 and the Wildlife Commissioners approved them at their November business meeting.


“Randleman Reservoir is a great place to fish as fish continue to grow rapidly in the newly formed reservoir,” said Corey Oakley, a fisheries biologist with the Commission. “These new size and creel limits should protect quality-size fish that many anglers prefer to catch.”



This proposal allows for the liberal harvest of fish between 14 and 20 inches and encourages harvest of fish less than 14 inches.


“Such harvest is critical because it reduces competition among fish and allows fish to maintain fast growth rates and attain a larger size,” Oakley said. “This proposal provides opportunities for all angling groups to enjoy the recreational fishery while protecting larger, less abundant fish.”  


Starting March 1 through Nov. 30, 2012, Commission fisheries personnel will conduct a creel survey on the 3,200-acre reservoir, which is located in Guilford and Randolph counties, to determine angler catch and harvest. This information will help Commission staff determine the popularity of Randleman Reservoir and enumerate harvest on all species in the reservoir.  The information will help staff evaluate the effects of the current regulations on the sport fisheries.   


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