Training Workshops 

The Green Growth Toolbox is meant to be introduced to planners, local government staff, local advisory boards and planning consultants through training workshops.  Brief presentations introducing the Green Growth Toolbox can also be delivered to Town Councils or Boards of Commissioners. The Wildlife Resources Commission and partners can offer workshops to communities across the state of North Carolina.





To request a workshop or brief presentation, contact us at, or


2021 Webinars & Registration


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Virtual Green Growth Toolbox Webinars


The NC Wildlife Resources Commission is hosting live webinars on the Green Growth Toolbox.


Webinars will be one hour including 15 to 20 minutes for questions and peer to peer discussion. They will be recorded and shared through this website.


Sessions are free, but please register here:


·   Introduction to the Green Growth Toolbox: What is the GGT and why is it important to NC counties, communities, local economies, and the future of our wildlife?

o Live: Tuesday November 9, 10 am, CM event #s: AICP 9224723

o Live: Tuesday November 23, 10 am, CM event #s: AICP 9226147

View recorded webinar here.


Introduction to Conservation Data for Green Growth: Explore maps related to wildlife habitat conservation and land use planning and the NC Natural Heritage Data Explorer. This is the first of two webinars on conservation data. 

o Live: Tuesday December 14, 10 am, CM event #s: AICP 9226146

o Live: Tuesday January 11, 10 am, CM event #s: AICP 9226145

View recorded webinar here.


In-Depth Conservation Data for Green Growth: This is the second of two webinars on conservation data. Please attend or watch the recorded webinar on an Introduction to Conservation Data for Green Growth first. In this in-depth version you will learn more about the NC Natural Heritage Data Explorer and an introduction of how to integrate wildlife habitat maps and data into plans, ordinances, and development review.

o Live: Tuesday February 8, 10 am, CM event #s: AICP 9226144

 View recorded webinar here. 


Green Planning: Integrating habitat conservation maps, goals, and strategies into land use planning; this session will highlight case studies from all over NC

o Live: Tuesday February 22, 10 am, CM event #s: AICP 9226143

View recorded webinar here.


·    Greening Incentives & Ordinances: Looking at barriers and opportunities for incentive-based habitat conservation through ordinances

o Live: Tuesday March 8, 10 am, CM event #s: AICP 9226142

View recorded webinar here.


·    Green Development Site Selection, Design, & Review: Choosing development areas that have less impact on wildlife habitat, incorporate wildlife habitat corridors into development design, and review

o Live: Tuesday March 22, 10 am, CM event #s: AICP 9226141

View recorded webinar here.