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The Wildlife Commission’s The Upland Gazette Newsletter is published each spring and fall for anyone interested in wildlife species and the habitats they need in the Tar Heel State.

Since 1996, The Upland Gazette has provided North Carolinians information about bobwhite quail, rabbits, other small game wildlife, songbirds, and many other game and nongame species and their habitats. The Gazette often features efforts by North Carolina landowners, expert “how-to” management advice, and information from research projects providing a unique perspective on wildlife and wildlife habitat not found in many other national publications. 

Online readers can access new issues of The Upland Gazette on the website each spring and fall. Issues from 1996 through Spring 2021 are posted below for readers. Please continue to read The Upland Gazette and provide feedback and questions on articles.

Mark D. Jones, The Upland Gazette Editor and State Wildlife Habitat Coordinator, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

The Latest Issue

Stay up-to-date with North Carolina's wildlife issues and wildlife habitat information in The Upland Gazette newsletter!

The Spring 2021 of The Upland Gazette is now available along with all past issues at the links below. Articles in the current issue include:

  • The Editor’s Note describing a national perspective on quality upland bird habitat and what it takes to have this level of habitat here in North Carolina.
  • A Conservation Chronicles series article about how clear intentions and receiving specialized guidance can lead to management success for private landowners.  Our staff stand ready to help landowners with this process.
  • A feature from Professor James Martin about the importance of “people” in the triad of upland bird hunting which includes people, birds, and dogs.  Two future articles will address birds and dogs as the other parts of this important tradition and heritage.
  • An update about wasps and the critical role they serve as pollinators and predators in our ecosystems.
  • An overview of the important of disturbance for quality forest management for wildlife.  This article describes several techniques landowners can use to achieve getting more sunlight on the forest floor to help develop a quality vegetative understory.
  • A feature about the importance of quality photographs for documenting land management activities.  Effective photographic monitoring can help you improve efforts and be more successful managing wildlife habitat in the Tarheel State.
  • A detailed update and summary about the Wildlife Conservation Lands Program (WCLP) describing legislative and administrative changes to this program that can help landowners both improve wildlife habitat and save on their property taxes.


and finally,


  • A Wildlife Commission Private Lands Staff Directory, which lists contacts landowners can access to help improve management of properties across North Carolina.


We hope you enjoy the Upland Gazette!

The Upland Gazette Editor and Statewide Wildlife Habitat Coordinator, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

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