North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund

Help Conserve Wildlife; Donate on Line XX of State Income Tax Form

Help the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission conserve nongame wildlife by donating to the Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund, located on line no. XX on your N.C. State Income tax form.

Online tax preparation software, such as TurboTax, does not have numbered lines, so e-filers will be asked if they would like to make a donation to the Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund.

Don't prepare your own taxes? Tell your tax preparer that you would like to donate to the Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund.

Your donation counts!

"The Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund’s tax donations provide the largest and most significant source of non-federal funding for conservation projects to help animals that are not hunted or fished.

Every dollar of tax donations we receive goes to the Fund, where it matches federal and other grants, or is used to pay for educational activities and wildlife-watching projects like the North Carolina Birding Trail. Because donations can be matched with federal and other grants, the Wildlife Commission can double your donations. Please give to the Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund when filing your taxes this year." 

    ~  Perry Sumner, Wildlife Diversity Section Manager









Read more about the Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund.

Other Ways to Give

Wildlife Conservation License Plate

If you do not receive a refund from your N.C. State Income tax form, you still can give to the Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund by purchasing a Wildlife Conservation License Plate for your vehicle or trailer.

The Wildlife Diversity Endowment Fund

A gift to the Wildlife Diversity Endowment Fund protects the future of nongame and endangered species in North Carolina.The accrued interest – not the principal – will be spent on programs that benefit nongame animals. 

Wildlife Diversity Program

Wildlife Diversity Program biologists conduct research and management projects that focus on nongame and endangered wildlife species in North Carolina. They work toward maintaining viable, self-sustaining populations of all native wildlife, with an emphasis on priority species and habitats identified in North Carolina’s Wildlife Action Plan.

Learn more about the program and projects being conducted on behalf of nongame and endangered wildlife by visiting the Wildlife Diversity Program page. 

Wildlife Diversity Program Quarterly Updates

History of the Wildlife Diversity Program (coming soon!)