Huntmaster Hunt Unit Application Process

Note: Please read all the pre-registration information below concerning requirements for applying for the Huntmaster Hunt Unit.

By clicking on the district link of choice on the map below, a Huntmaster availability calendar and three additional links will be accessed.

The links include:
  • An Application Form
  • Huntmaster Operator’s Manual
  • Wildlife Depot Location

Very Important!

  • The application form must be filled out prior to consideration for using the Huntmaster (make sure the Huntmaster is available via calendar for the date(s) specified).
  • Once the required information is collected, and depending on acceptance of the applicant and availability of the lift for the period chosen, the WRC will also require the applicant to fill out and sign a Huntmaster use liability waiver that includes a responsibility for damages statement. The waiver will be provided at the time of the Huntmaster pick-up.
  • The vehicle used to tow the Huntmaster must be fully insured and meet all requirements specified for towing (Huntmaster weight specifications: 350 lb. tongue weight, 4260 lbs overall) requires minimum ½ ton or equivalent rated vehicle w/ standard 2” ball hitch and 12-volt 4-prong “flat” plug.
  • Proof of current driver’s license and insurance is required as photo copies will be retained prior to Huntmaster release.
  • The Huntmaster will be available on a first come first serve basis.
  • Users must reserve two weeks in advance.
  • It is preferred that Huntmaster lifts are picked up on Thursday, and returned on Tuesday. They can not be picked up or returned on weekends.


Click on a district in the map below to view Huntmaster Hunt Unit reservation calendar.
(The calendar page will open in a new window.)


District MapDistrict 8 District 6 District 7 District 4 District 5 District 2 District 1 District 9