• The Law: (G.S. 113-270.1A. Hunter Safety Course Required) & (N.C.A.C. T15A: 10K .0001, .0002 and .0003) cover the guidelines or elements of the law, the agency responsible to institute and coordinate the program, and the requirements that are to be met by the public and instructors.
  • The Hunter Education Procedure Manual: This Manual is to be used by all instructors for compliance, guidance and to establish uniformity to the Hunter Education Program.
  • The State Hunter Education Coordinator is responsible for administering the State Hunter Education Program and preparation of Federal Aid documents. The Coordinator will closely monitor the work of the 9 Hunter Education Specialists who are under the direct supervision of the District Captain. District Enforcement Staff, Hunter Education Specialists and Officers will work together to implement the district program. The state coordinator will meet periodically with the Raleigh Office Staff and the district staff to keep them informed of the progress and needs of the Hunter Education Program in each of the nine districts. The state coordinator will attend state, regional and national training meetings, the IHEA Conference, federal aid workshops, and etc. whenever possible to maintain professionalism and expertise in the hunter education program. Newsletters will be mailed to all instructors allowing notification of events and information.
  • The District Captains are responsible for the oversight of the Hunter Education Program in their respective District.
  • The District Hunter Education Coordinators are the primary persons responsible for implementing the Hunter Education Program at the district level and for assisting the State Coordinator in the operations of the program statewide. They coordinate and manage the efforts of the Enforcement Officers and Volunteer Instructors in their platoons. The District Hunter Education Coordinators are responsible for the application process and training of volunteer instructors. They will conduct a minimum of one 12 hour Instructor Workshop annually to train new instructors. In addition, an in-service Instructor Workshop will be conducted yearly in each district to keep Volunteer Instructors informed about the hunter education program, changes in procedure and for recognition of volunteer contributions. The District Hunter Education Coordinator will monitor and evaluate the instructors within their district and will keep regular contact with active instructors. All administrative paperwork will be processed through the District Hunter Education Coordinator.
  • The Volunteer Hunter Education Instructor has the responsibility to be dependable, prompt, efficient and knowledgeable. An effective volunteer accepts supervision and adheres to policies and procedures. Volunteer Instructors are expected to uphold high standards and to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the agency’s role as a public service agency.