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Hunting with Dogs: Hunter Responsibility and Ethics 

This handout provides information on how to hunt ethically and responsibly with dogs.


Fox and Coyote Populations Study Final Report (April 1, 2012)

In June 2011, the North Carolina General Assembly directed the Wildlife Resources Commission (Commission) to study fox and coyote populations and to recommend management methods and controls designed to ensure statewide conservation of fox populations while managing adverse effects of coyote populations. Since that time, the Commission has gathered information about the attitudes and perspectives of numerous stakeholder groups.

In addition, the Commission compiled all available information on the harvest and status of foxes and coyotes by hunters and trappers. Included herein is a detailed presentation of the different authorities for regulating take of foxes and coyotes, including the Commission’s limited authority for regulating take of foxes, and the resulting significant variation in fox hunting and trapping seasons.



Tarheel Wildlife

A Guide for Managing Wildlife on Private Lands In North Carolina.


Wildlife Restoration in North Carolina 

Learn more about the Wildlife Restoration Program in North Carolina and its accomplishments in this report.

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