Controlled Hunting Preserves

The NC Wildlife Resources Commission established regulations for operation of Controlled Hunting Preserves to provide for additional outdoor recreation over that available through hunting of wild birds and foxes.

License Requirements for Residents and Nonresidents Hunting on a Controlled Hunting Preserve: 

When hunting on a Controlled Hunting Preserve, individuals 16 years or older, regardless of residency, must possess either a valid Controlled Hunting Preserve License or a valid Basic Hunting, Comprehensive Hunting, Sportsman, or Lifetime License that authorizes hunting.

It is not necessary for those who hold a valid license that authorizes hunting to purchase a Controlled Hunting Preserve License.  And likewise, it is not necessary for those who hold a valid Controlled Hunting Preserve License to purchase any other hunting license when hunting on a preserve.

Follow this link to Purchase a Resident or Nonresident Controlled Hunting Preserve License


Controlled Hunting Preserves are of two types:

  1. An area on which only domestically raised game birds other than wild turkeys are taken.
  2. An area enclosed with a dog-proof fence on which foxes may be hunted with dogs only.