On the Road, On the Water. Don't Drink and Drive.

“On the Road, On the Water, Don’t Drink and Drive” is an annual campaign that works to reduce alcohol-related accidents on the state’s roadways and waterways, both of which see increased traffic during summer months. The campaign is coordinated by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and the State Highway Patrol, and supported by local police and sheriff’s offices, along with participating non-governmental organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Starting Memorial Day weekend, enforcement officers will conduct sobriety checkpoints and promote public awareness to deter impaired operation of vehicles and vessels. Awareness and enforcement efforts are centered on four of the busiest summer weekends, including:
May 25 – 27, 2019
June 28 – 30, 2019
July 5 – 7, 2019 (Operation Dry Water)
Aug. 31– Sept. 2, 2019

In North Carolina, a driver or vessel operator with a blood-alcohol concentration that meets or exceeds .08, or is substantially impaired by alcohol and/or drugs, is subject to arrest. 


Other Safety Campaigns

Operation Dry Water - A year-round boating-under-the-influence awarness and enforcement campaign that works to reduce the number of alchol- and drug-related accidents and fatalities through increased recreational boater awareness.

Preserve Your Life - A year-round safety campaign to raise awareness and educate the public about the importance of wearing life jackets

Boating Safety - The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, along with other agencies nationwide, recognizes May 18-24, 2019 as National Safe Boating Week to reduce boating accidents while enhancing the boating experience.