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Mammal Tracks and Signs - Pine Island (Ages 16+)

Event Start Date: 3/27/2019 12:30 PM

Event End Date: 3/27/2019 4:30 PM

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Mammal Tracks and Signs - Pine Island ♦ Ages 16+ ♦ 4 hours

There are many species of mammals that inhabit Eastern North Carolina, but due to their secretive and nocturnal habits, many people never see them. The NC Wildlife Resources Commission will offer a class to learn how to identify these species by the tracks and signs. After an indoor presentation that will cover skull, skin and scat identification, we will go into the field to survey the species found in the area and the tracks and sign they leave behind.


If you have your own photos of animal tracks or signs that you have questions about or would like to discuss during the program, we encourage you to send them in to: will.freund@ncwildlife.org. The pictures will then be collated and given to the presenter, Mike Campbell a Regional Education Specialist from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, Wildlife Education Division.


Note for Pictures: For best accuracy and results for identification of prints, send in 2 pictures. The first one, a close-up picture of the print and a second of the distance and orientation between prints, otherwise known as the gait of an animal. 


This program takes place at the Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary. We will meet in the parking lot of the Pine Island Raquet Club This class will satisfy requirements for Criteria II of the Environmental Education Certification program. It is free to the public, ages 16 and up, and pre-registration is required.


For reservations, book online or call 252.453.0221 ex. 1.


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