For groups with fewer than 60 participants, we offer a variety of onsite education programs available from Oct. 1 through June 1.  Program descriptions can be found below. To discuss a group program, please contact our reservationist at 252-453-0221, Ext. 1.

Schools and Groups are welcome to schedule site visits to view our exhibit gallery and award-wining film, Life By Waters’ Rhythms.  Gallery visits may take between 30 to 60 minutes depending on your group. The movie plays on the hour and half hour.  An optional scavenger hunt aligned to essential standards is available for school groups upon request. To schedule a group, please contact our reservationist at 252-453-0221, Ext. 1.

Beach Exploration

Grades: K-12                                       Class Limit: 25                          Duration:  45 min

Walk with us on the shore. Shells, shore birds, sand and dolphins, we’ll talk about whatever we find along the way.


Fishing the Sound

Grades: 3-8                                          Class Limit: 25                          Duration:  1 ½ hr

Come fish with us! We have the bait, poles, and information on what fish you can catch in Currituck Sound. Learn how to bait a line, cast, and safely release fish.


Sea Turtles in Jeopardy!

Grades: 3-12                                        Class Limit: 90                          Duration:  60 min

Join us inside for this interactive theater program. Learn more about sea turtles of coastal North Carolina and learn how each of us can help in the conservation of these threatened and endangered species.


Sound Discoveries, Sound Decisions

Grades: 6-12                                        Class Limit: 25                          Duration:  1 ½ hr

Note: Please bring water shoes for wading.

Discover what makes the Currituck Sound such a unique ecological niche. We will use different techniques to sample the sound and learn how to make sound decisions for a healthier habitat for fish and other aquatic life.


Sound Sampler

Grades: K-5                                         Class Limit: 25                          Duration:  1 ¼ hr

Be sure to bring water shoes for wading.

Find out what lurks below the surface of the sound using different nets and traps.  Be prepared to get wet and dirty discovering the diversity of Currituck Sound.



Grades: K-8                                                                                         Duration:  60 min-1 ½ hr

Class Limit: 90 for auditorium session only; 50 including outdoor exploration

Vomiting vultures, spitting insects, burping frogs, and more stomach-churning fun will be uncovered during this hour-long adventure. For the optional outdoors part (an additional 1/2 hour), participants will discover the dirty truth about surviving in the wild, while joining staff on the “scat walk.”