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Virtual Beginning Fly-tying Course- May 4th-6th, 2021

Event Start Date: 5/4/2021 6:30 PM

Event End Date: 5/6/2021 9:00 PM

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This Fly-tying Course is designed to provide the student with a basic knowledge of fly tying tools, materials, patterns, and tying techniques.  We teach the course in progression beginning with simple fly patterns and steadily advance toward more complex flies allowing the students to build on their skills. In this course, students will complete 6 fly patterns over the course of three days.



If you choose to join our on-line instruction you will need your own basic fly-tying tools and materials from the list below which are necessary to tie the six patterns taught in the workshop.



  • Fly-tying Vise
  • Bobbin
  • Fly-tying Scissors
  • Bodkin 


  • Whip Finishing Tool
  • Hair stacker
  • Head Cement 
  • Super Glue

Fly #1: “San Juan Worm”
Hook:                         Mustad C068 2x heavy caddis hook.
                        Size 10 or 12.
Thread:                     Red, size 6/0, or 70 denier.
Body:                         Red, Standard vernille, or chenille.
Fly #2: “Green Weenie”
Hook:                         Mustad S82NP or similar nymph hook.
Size 10.        
Thread:                     Black, size 6/0, or 70 denier.
Body:                         Chartreuse, Standard vernille, or chenille.
Fly #3: “ Beadhead Wooly Worm”
Hook:                         Mustad S82NP or similar nymph hook.
                                    Size 10.
Thread:                     Black, size 6/0, or 70 denier.
Hackle:                      Black, strung saddle hackle.
Head:                         1/8 gold bead.
Body:                         Medium black chenille.
Tail:                            Orange UV yarn.
Fly # 4: “Wooly Bugger”
Hook:                         Mustad R74NP or similar 3x/4x long streamer hook.
                                    Size 10.
Thread:                     Black, size 6/0, or 70 denier.
Hackle:                      Black, strung saddle hackle.
Rib:                            Fine gold wire.
Body:                         Medium black chenille.
Tail:                            Black marabou.
Flash:                         Pearl Krystal Flash.
Fly # 5: “Foam Beatle”
Hook:                         Mustad R50 or standard dry fly hook.
                                    Size 12.
Thread:                     Black 6/0 or 70 denier.
Body:                         Tyer’s choice course dubbing.
                                    2mm black & yellow foam.
Legs:                          Small rubber legs.
Fly #6: “Clouser Minnow”
Hook:                         Mustad S71NP-ZS
                                    Size 2 or 4.
Thread:                     White flat nylon, size 210 denier.
Eyes:                          Medium red lead dumbbell eyes.
Body:                         White and chartreuse bucktails.
Flash:                         Silver Flash A Bou and Pearl Krystal Flash.







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