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Virtual Fly-tying Forum - May 27, 2021

Event Start Date: 5/27/2021 6:30 PM

Event End Date: 5/27/2021 8:30 PM

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This is our regularly scheduled online fly-tying program that takes place on the 4th Thursday of each month. The Fly-tying Forum provides tyers with an opportunity to increase their skills. Open to fly-tiers of all skill levels, the fly patterns change each month as a way to encourage learning various new tying techniques and development of tying skills. This month we will be tying the Stealth Bomber and the Panfish Gurgler, both of these are foam patterns move lots of water, attracting waiting bass and bluegill to the surface for big strikes.  Participants registered for this program will be responsible for supplying their own materials, or picking them up at the Pechmann Center's drop box.


Stealth Bomber

Hook: Gamakatsu B10 size 2

Thread: Chartreuse UTC 140

Tail: Chartreuse & White Bucktail

Body: 2mm chartreuse foam cut to mold,

Underbody: Chartreuse Cactus Chenille

Wing: Pearl Flash


Panfish Gurgler

Hook: Mustad 3366-BR size 6

Thread: Chartreuse UTC 140

Tail: Chartreuse & White Bucktail

Body: 2mm chartreuse foam

Underbody: Chartreuse cactus chenille

Flash: Pearl Flashabou & silver krystal flash






Tyers aged 10 years old and up are welcome, however participants 15 years old and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This session will be limited to 10 people at the center.



Intended to be an extension of our Beginning Fly-tying Course, we provide each tyer with a handout for each pattern that includes the materials list and tying instructions. These instructional guides may be added to the fly-tying hand book that beginning students received in the Beginning Fly-tying course.

Participants are encouraged to use their own equipment, however, equipment and materials may be provided upon request.   There of the limited availability of tying equipment.  Preregistration is required.


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