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Virtual Fly-Tying Program - November 17th, 2021

Event Start Date: 11/17/2021 6:30 PM

Event End Date: 11/17/2021 8:30 PM

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The Virtual Fly-tying Program provides tyers with an opportunity to increase their skills from the comfort of their home. Open to fly-tiers of all skill levels, the fly patterns change with each session as a way to encourage learning various tying techniques and development of tying skills. This session we will be tying "Craven's Golden Stone Nymph" and the "Black Stone Nymph", both of these are heavy stone fly nymph patterns, that sink quickly into the strike zone. These patterns are designed for trout but will catch panfish the same. Participants registered for this program will be responsible for supplying their own materials. Below are the materials for each pattern:


Craven's Golden Stone Nymph

Hook: Mustad S82, Size 12

Thread: UTC 140, Yellow

Head: Gold Bead, 1/8

Body: Antron Dubbing, Hexagenia

Back: Opal Tinsel, Large

Rib: 4X Tippet Material

Collar: Hen neck, Natural Grizzly



Black Stone Nymph

Hook: Mustad S82, Size 12

Thread: UTC 140, Black

Body: Hares Mask Dubbing, Dark

Back: Clear Scud Back, 1/8''

Rib: Black Wire, Small

Legs: Hen Back, Black

Tail: Goose Biots, Black

Thorax: Mottled Turkey, Black or Dark


Tyers aged 10 years old and up are welcome. Preregistration is required.


This virtual program will be conducted through Microsoft Teams. You can download the Microsft Teams app or view the meeting through your browser. An invitation will be sent one week prior to the class via email.


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