Grades: K-2

Life Cycles 

Wet & Wild Life Cycles - lesson plan; freshwater mussels, striped bass, dragonflies

Aquatic Life Cycles   Powerpoint - resource for 'Wet & Wild Life Cycles' lesson plan

Mussel videos  -   excellent short videos to go with 'Wet & Wild Life Cycles';  click link and scroll to 'Mussel Videos' category;  video categories are listed alphabetically


Grades: 4-8 

Magnificent Mammals - Adaptations & Identification Grades: 4-6

Magnificent Mammals - lesson/activity plan

Magnificent Mammals - reference; skulls/furs with animal photos and species profile links

Magnificent Mammals - reference; skull diagrams/fur info; no animal photos

Identifying Mammal Skulls - PowerPoint Reference


Eastern Box Turtle: North Carolina's State Reptile - Math/Science    Grades: 5-8

Carapace Capers: Collecting & Analyzing Turtle Shell Data  - lesson/activity plan (Math/Science)

Box Turtle Carapace Photos - to be used with Carapace Capers lesson/activity

Gems of the Forest Video  - background for Carapace Capers lesson/activity   (coming soon)

How to Measure Turtle Shells - video;  reference for Carapace Capers lesson/activity   




Grades:  Middle/High School

Wildlife Populations
Resources in this section are best suited for: Biology, FFA - Natural Resources curriculum,  AP Environmental Science and  Math.  


It's 9p....Where are your Wild Animals?     Deer Population Estimation lesson/activity

Smile - You're on Camera  - PowerPoint for Deer Population Estimation lesson - It's 9p...Where are your Wild Animals?  

Wild Turkey

Let's Talk Turkey - Eastern Wild Turkey - Populations/Management Lesson/Activity (Teacher copy)

Let's Talk Turkey - Scenarios Activity - Student copy
Let's Talk Turkey - Predator Reading - Student copy
Let's Talk Turkey - Habitat/Habits/Population Reading - Student copy
Let's Talk Turkey - Forest Habitat and Food Type Reading - Student copy

Turkey 101     (5:35 min)   Short video on the biology and management of Eastern Wild Turkeys in NC  March 2019


Mourning Dove

Dove Population Estimation - Lesson Plan

Dove Decoy - Marked.Unmarked.Images.Info


Wildlife Identification Sheets & Charts
for download and print

Common Salamanders of Western North Carolina ID Chart (PDF)

Lungless Salamanders of Western North  Carolina Flow Chart (PDF)

Common Macroinvertebrates of the Southern Appalachian Streams (PDF)


Wildlife Links


NC Wildlife Wild Notebook Articles for download (PDF)


Field staff and two students perform wildlife observations