Species Profiles

On this page are one-page profiles of fish and wildlife species found in North Carolina. We add new profiles on a regular basis so bookmark this page and check back frequently. Also on this page are Co-Existing documents for certain species. For more information on these and other fish and wildlife species in North Carolina, visit our Species page. 

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American Alligator

Bog Turtle (State and Federally Listed as Threatened)

Common Snapping Turtle


Corn Snake


Diamondback Terrapin (State Listed as Special Concern)

Eastern Box Turtle

Eastern Fence Lizard

Five-lined Skink

Leatherback Sea Turtle (State and Federally Listed as Endangered)

Northern Pine Snake (State Listed Special Concern)

Rat Snake


American Bullfrog

American Toad

Eastern Hellbender (State Listed Special Concern)

Eastern Newt

Eastern Tiger Salamander (State Listed Threatened)

Green Salamander (State Listed Threatened)

Marbled Salamander

Neuse River Waterdog (State Listed Special Concern)

Seepage Salamander

Southern Leopard Frog

Co-Existing with Wildlife Handouts