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Why Wildlife in North Carolina magazine? Easy. Consider it your inspiration to go experience North Carolina’s great outdoors.


Wildlife in North Carolina offers the kind of hunting and fishing insight that you can use to have a better day in the field and on the water, written by the state’s leading wildlife and outdoor experts. We keep you up to date with conservation and the latest news from the field. We highlight public areas and natural wonders for you to explore. Open one of our issues and you’ll see hunting and fishing seasons at a glance, brilliant wildlife photography, fascinating stories, and recipes foodies will want to make!


We publish Wildlife in North Carolina six times a year. That’s an issue every two months packed with captivating articles that will motivate you to get outside!


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September • October 2022 Contents

Habitat Instead of Handouts  

written by Sean Stanton

Why feeding wildlife is unsustainable and fosters unhealthy populations.


Women Join the Ranks of Black Bear Hunters  

written by Mike Zlotnicki

A pursuit once dominated by men is becoming increasingly diverse.


A Birder's Journal  

written by Sydney Brown / photographed by Melissa McGaw

A day trip to New Bern reveals new sights, sounds and species for this beginning birdwatcher.


North Carolina Hunting Seasons  


Deer by the Numbers


written by Moriah Boggess  
The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission uses biological and survey data to help manage the state’s growing deer herd.


Wildlife in North Carolina Photo Competition Rules


Access for All 

written by Josh Leventhal / photographed by Melissa McGaw

The Commission unveils new programs and access areas to help disabled sportsmen participate in outdoor recreation.


A Hidden Gem 

written by Josh Leventhal / photographed by Melissa McGaw

The Upper Tar Game Land Complex features premier deer and turkey hunting opportunities and hosts diverse aquatic habitats.

In The November • December Issue


Fun for All Ages

Squirrel hunting may be the traditional introduction to hunting for children, but you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy it. 


Celebrating 75 Years

We wrap up the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s 75th anniversary celebration with a look back at the many milestone events that shaped how the agency conserves the state’s wildlife and habitats. 



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Wild Notebook

Endangered...Threatened...Special Concern

written by Sydney Brown  | illustrated by Liz Bradford

Learn the laws that help protect animals in need by placing them in one of three categories.

Home In the Muck

written by Ann May  | illustrated by Amy Friend

Shoreline plants help protect ponds and lakes while providing food for critters that live there.

Here a Quack, There a Quack

written by Sydney Brown  | illustrated by Anne Runyon

Ducks are almost EVERYWHERE in North Carolina, yet not all ducks are the same.

Underground Living

written by Sydney Brown  | illustrated by Liz Bradford

From tiny ants to medium-sized mammals, all sorts of creatures prefer to make their homes in burrows beneath the surface.

Fooled You

written by Sydney Brown  | illustrated by Anne Runyon

Insects like ants, butterflies and wasps use tricks to keep predators away.

Snow Birds

written by Liani Yirka  | illustrated by Amy Friend

Waterfowl species like snow geese migrate south every winter to warm places like North Carolina.

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