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November • December 2019


A Different Kind of Deer Hunt

written by Mike Zlotnicki | photographed by Thomas Harvey

Back in the Woods Again gives disabled hunters an opportunity to return to the field

A Prehistoric Fish Returns

written by Josh Leventhal | photographed by Melissa McGaw

Stocking of lake sturgeon in western North Carolina waters brings an ancient species back to life. 

I Got One

written by Josh Leventhal | photographed by Thomas Harvey

A Delta Waterfowl youth hunt brings out the inner hunter in my son.

The Most Perfect Red Maple Leaf

written by Bruce Ingram | illustrated by Jeff Kennedy

A day in the deer stand reveals a wealth of nature's treasures.

Shadows in the Marsh

written and photographed by Todd Pusser

Shedding light on the mysterious king rail.

A Waterfowler's Journal

written by Jim Dean | photographed by Thomas Harvey

More than 40 years have passed since we published this essay by Jim Dean. Our late colleague's observations still ring true so we are running it again with new photographs.

This Month's Sample Article

I Got One (PDF)

written by Josh Leventhal and photographed by Thomas Harvey

A Delta Waterfowl youth hunt brings out the inner hunter in my son.


Coming in the Next Issue

In the January • February Issue

Your Photo Here

The winning shot from Wildlife in North Carolina's 15th Annual Photo Competition will grace the cover of our January/February issue.

Underground Amphibians

N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission biologists continue to study and preserve Carolina gopher frogs, the mysterious and endangered species found in scattered locations in the Sandhills and Coastal Plain.

How to Cook a Squirrel

Chef Clark Barlowe provides a creative twist for a traditional North Carolina dish in our latest Wild & Tasty recipe.


2019 Spring Outdoor Guide

Table of Contents for 2019 Spring Outdoor Guide


Editor’s Note


Kayaks Launch a New Fishing Craze (sample article)

written by Mike Zlotnicki | photographed by Thomas Harvey
More anglers are finding these nimble craft a ready alternative to power boats.


Regulations for Mountain Trout


Delayed Harvest Stocking Dates


North Carolina Angler Recognition Program


North Carolina Freshwater Fishing Records


Identification Chart


Regulations for Warmwater Game Fish


Take a Kid Fishing

written by Rick Goines | photographed by Melissa McGaw
Tips, techniques and places to go to help ensure a positive angling experience for child and adult.


Coastal Boating Guide


Coastal Boating Access Areas

Getting a Line on Catfish

written by Josh Leventhal | photographed by Melissa McGaw
Veteran anglers offer tips for catching more catfish, from monsters to a mess of good eaters.


2018 Reported Spring Wild Turkey Harvest


Upland Gazette

2019 Fall Outdoor Guide

Table of Contents for 2019 Fall Outdoor Guide


Editor's Note


Dressed For Success

written by Terri Boggess
A well-prepared hunter can often be a taxidermist’s best friend.


Index to Game Lands


North Carolina Hunting Seasons


Not your Typical Mountain Game Land (PDF)

written by Josh Leventhal | photographed by Thomas Harvey

Rolling hills and diverse wildlife populations make Johns River Game Land a place to be.


Regulations for Warmwater Game Fish


Regulations for Mountain Trout


Bear Season Map


Deer Season Maps


North Carolina Goose Zones


Hunting Regulations and Information


Hunter in Their Sights

written by Mike Zlotnicki

Deer processors and volunteers help feed those in need through programs like Hunters for the Hungry.


2018-19 Big Game Harvest Reports


The Upland Gazette

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Wildlife in North Carolina

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