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May • June 2021


Stop Wishing And Go Fishing

written by Mike Zlotnicki  I  photographed by Melissa McGaw

Don't let inexperience keep you from joining anglers hitting the water in record numbers.

Forest Apparitions

written and photographed by Todd Pusser

The beauty and mystique of albino animals.


Help Is Just A Call Away

written by Josh Leventhal  I  photographed by Melissa McGaw

From bats in the attic to a fox in the yard, the Wildlife Helpline offers tips and advice on how to handle wild animal encounters.


Navigating Through A Pandemic

written by Mike Zlotnicki and Josh Leventhal   illustrated by Sarah Mullin  I  photographed by Melissa McGaw

The Wildlife Commission adapts to a new reality during the COVID-19 outbreak to keep outdoor recreation opportunities available to constituents.


The Copperhead's Road

written by Jeff Beane   I  photographed by Todd Pusser

Despite centuries of persecution, our most common venomous snake continues to thrive.


Ticking Time Bombs

written by Clyde Sorenson  I  photographed by Melissa McGaw

Don't let their size fool you: Ticks pack a dangerous bite.

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The Copperhead's Road



Coming in the Next Issue

In the July • August Issue

Bat Call

Dr. Han Li of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro has partnered with N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission biologists and volunteers to lead acoustic surveys of bats to help learn how their populations have been impacted by white-nose syndrome.

Fish Cleaning 101

This beginner's guide to cleaning and filleting the fish you catch includes how-to steps, safety tips and equipment you need to get started.

Boots on the Ground

All boots are not made the same; picking out the right one depends on what activity you will be doing. Commission staff, from biologists to foresters, chime in on what they wear on their feet.


Wild Notebook

Endangered...Threatened...Special Concern

written by Sydney Brown  | illustrated by Liz Bradford

Learn the laws that help protect animals in need by placing them in one of three categories.

Home In the Muck

written by Ann May  | illustrated by Amy Friend

Shoreline plants help protect ponds and lakes while providing food for critters that live there.

Here a Quack, There a Quack

written by Sydney Brown  | illustrated by Anne Runyon

Ducks are almost EVERYWHERE in North Carolina, yet not all ducks are the same.

Underground Living

written by Sydney Brown  | illustrated by Liz Bradford

From tiny ants to medium-sized mammals, all sorts of creatures prefer to make their homes in burrows beneath the surface.

Fooled You

written by Sydney Brown  | illustrated by Anne Runyon

Insects like ants, butterflies and wasps use tricks to keep predators away.

Snow Birds

written by Liani Yirka  | illustrated by Amy Friend

Waterfowl species like snow geese migrate south every winter to warm places like North Carolina.

2021 Spring Outdoor Guide

Table of Contents for 2021 Spring Outdoor Guide


Editor’s Note


Our Favorite Lures

photographed by Melissa McGaw

N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission staff members dig into their tackle boxes for a favorite fishing lure.


Mountain Trout Map


North Carolina Freshwater Fishing Records


Fish Identification Chart


Satisfying a Fishing Curiosity Along the Cane River

written by Geoff Cantrell | photographed by Melissa McGaw

After years of passing the mountain river by, this angler stops to wet a line.


Coastal Boating Guide


Coastal Boating Access Areas


Getting Current on River Largemouths

written by Mike Zlotnicki | photographed by Thomas Harvey

Two expert anglers share their tips for how to fish rivers effectively.


2020 Reported Spring Wild Turkey Harvest


Upland Gazette

2020 Fall Outdoor Guide

Table of Contents for 2020 Fall Outdoor Guide

Editor's Note


A Helping Hand

written by Mike Zlotnicki | photographed by Melissa McGaw

You don't need to be an expert to be a mentor.


Index to Game Lands


North Carolina Hunting Seasons


Deer Hunting 101 (PDF)

written by Mike Zlotnicki | photographed by Melissa McGaw
A group of N.C. State students get an outdoors education while participating in the Commission's Getting Started Outdoors workshop.


Regulations for Warmwater Game Fish


Regulations for Mountain Trout


Bear Season Map


Deer Season Maps


Hunting Regulations and Information


When Hunting is Permitted

written by Josh Leventhal 

N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission's permit hunting program brings opportunities to life.


2019-20 Big Game Harvest Reports


The Upland Gazette

Wild & Tasty Videos

Wildlife in North Carolina

Wild & Tasty Series

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