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November • December 2018


Tight Lines, Joe!

written by Mike Zlotnicki

After 25 years behind the camera of “Carolina Outdoor Journal,” Joe Albea is moving on to new waters. 

Trash Ducks

written by Keith Hendrickson | photographed by Melissa McGaw

Transforming salvaged material into working decoys is a tradition for coastal guides; it should become one for you too.

Taking Stock of Shotgun Fitting

written by Mike Zlotnicki | photographed by Thomas Harvey

A proper fit could lead to more broken clays or more birds in the bag.

Above & Beyond

written by CC King | photographed by Melissa McGaw

The partnership and commitment between human and bird makes falconry unlike any other sport.

A Tip for Protecting Wildlife

written by Josh Leventhal

The N.C. Turn-In-Poachers program empowers the public to help law enforcement officers catch poachers.

Teachable Moments (Sample Article)

written by Bruce Ingram

Life lessons can be found in all shapes and sizes around your property.

This Month's Sample Article

Teachable Moments

written by Bruce Ingram

Life lessons can be found in all shapes and sizes around your property. 


Wildlife in North Carolina

Wild & Tasty Series

Coming in the Next Issue

In the January • February Issue

Best of the Best

The Wildlife in North Carolina Photo Competition is now in its 14th year of attracting amazing photographs from our subscribers. After receiving more than 1,200 entries, we will reveal the winners in 10 categories.

Get Picking

North Carolina has become a destination for foragers of wild mushrooms, including chanterelles. We’ll take you through how to find and identify this culinary delicacy.

Wild & Tasty

Once you gather some chanterelles, you’ll need to know how to prepare them. Chef Clark Barlowe, an avid forager himself, has you covered with a delicious recipe.

2018 Fall Outdoor Guide

Table of Contents for 2018 Fall Outdoor Guide


Editor's Note


A Day for the Troops

written by Mike Zlotnicki | photographed by Thomas Harvey
Beaver Pond Sporting Club says "thanks" to those who serve by hosting Enduring Gratitude event.


Index to Game Lands


North Carolina Hunting Seasons


Ready. Aim. Build. (PDF)

written by Josh Leventhal | photographed by Melissa McGaw
The Commission is delivering on its mission of bringing shooting ranges to residents across the state.


Regulations for Warmwater Game Fish


Regulations for Mountain Trout


Bear Season Map


Deer Season Maps


North Carolina Goose Zones


Hunting Regulations and Information


First Shot

written by Summer Higdon
A Hunting Heritage Apprentice Permit paves the way for a novice hunter.


2017-18 Big Game Harvest Reports


The Upland Gazette

2018 Spring Outdoor Guide

Table of Contents for 2018 Spring Outdoor Guide


Editor’s Note


Putting a Bow on a Fishing Alternative

written by Hannah Shively | photographed by Melissa McGaw
If you are passionate about hunting and fishing, then you might want to give bowfishing a shot.


Regulations for Mountain Trout


Delayed Harvest Stocking Dates


North Carolina Angler Recognition Program


North Carolina Freshwater Fishing Records


Identification Chart


Regulations for Warmwater Game Fish


Bass on Top

written by Mike Zlotnicki | photographed by Thomas Harvey
Nothing beats the strike when fishing topwater lures.


Coastal Boating Guide


Piedmont Boating Access Areas


Mountain Boating Access Areas


Youth Take to the Fields at Pirate Classic

written by Mike Zlotnicki | photographed by Melissa McGaw
Inaugural event seeks to help ‘remove barriers’ for young turkey hunters.


2017 Reported Spring Wild Turkey Harvest


The Upland Gazette

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