A few hickory shad are in the Roanoke River at Weldon this week. Jeremy McCargo and Kevin Dockendorf, fisheries biologists with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, sampled the river on Tuesday and collected about 30 fish. Although that’s not many, McCargo said it was good to see some fish, particularly since the water has been so cold and turbid.

Frank McBride, a Commission creel clerk working boat ramps near Plymouth, said that anglers were catching striped bass here and there at the mouth of the river.

Ricky Mobley, from the Roanoke Sportsmen in Williamston, reported that fishermen, down river near Williamston, were catching a few rock in the afternoons, maybe 4 or 5 fish per boat in 2 to 3 hours.

Bobby Colston, owner of Colston's Tackle Box on Highway 48 south of Gaston, said he heard anglers catching just one or two shad. He also noted gold spoons were working better than jigs in the murky water.

If the shad aren’t biting, anglers can try fishing for white perch. Both Ricky and Bobby reported that white perch fishing was pretty good. Anglers continue having the most success fishing with red wrigglers.

With air temperatures forecasted to rise into the relatively balmy 70s this weekend, the water temperatures are sure to increase, which will make for better fishing conditions, particularly for the shad that are starting to show up in the river.

Roanoke River anglers fishing at Weldon this spring will notice that the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission recently renovated the boating access area just in time for this year’s striped bass season. Click here to read more about the renovation.

SAFETY NOTE: High flows following periods of low flow dislodge limbs, logs and in some cases, trees from up river locations. Boaters should take extreme caution when traveling on the water and be on the look out for these floating hazards!

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