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North Carolina State Fair - Wildlife Resources Commission

October 14 - 24, 2021

Marsh Master, Tractors, and Other Land Management Equipment

Over 2,000,000 acres of public and private lands in North Carolina are managed by the Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC) for public hunting, trapping, fishing and other wildlife-associated recreation. These lands are designated collectively as Game Lands.  It takes many pieces of equipment to manage these game lands.  Equipment like utility vehicles, tractors and the marsh master are used for prescribed burns, boundary posting, invasive species control and several facets of waterfowl impoundment management.  


(Photo from                                              (Photo by  -NCWRC - Brady Beck)


                                    (Photos by NCWRC - Brady Beck)

Electrofish Shocking Boat

Electrofishing is the primary sampling method we use to survey fish. During electrofishing, controlled amounts of electricity are sent into the water. Fish within range of the electrical current are stunned temporarily, allowing them to be dipped from the water and placed into recirculating live wells on the boat for recovery. Electrofishing is non-lethal. The collected fish are measured, weighed, tagged, and allowed to recover in holding tanks, before being released back into the river to swim away.

Wildlife Law Enforcement

The agency’s Law Enforcement Division enforces the game, fish and boating laws of North Carolina as established by the N.C. General Assembly and the agency. Wildlife officers are state law enforcement officers, with arrest authority for state and federal violations.

   Law Enforcement Torch Run - Drawing for 2021 Polaris Ranger   WRC Officer Jacob Long in Boat

Huntmaster Hunt Unit

In an ongoing effort to provide opportunities for all of North Carolina’s outdoor enthusiasts, the N.C. Wildlife Resource Commission (WRC) in partnership with the N.C. Handicapped Sportsman association, sportsmen donated funds to provide 10 Huntmaster Hunt Units.  Huntmaster units provide disabled sportsmen and women with wildlife viewing and hunting opportunity assistance. These units are available by reservation, for organized disabled special-needs hunts.  Advanced reservation is required.

 List of Depots with Huntmaster Hunt Units

District MapDistrict 8 District 6 District 7 District 4 District 5 District 2 District 1 District 9