Feral Swine Trapping

The trapping of feral swine is legal under the following conditions:

  • Persons desiring to trap feral swine must have a valid hunting or trapping license and a free Feral Swine Trapping Permit issued by the NCWRC.  Landholders and other licensed exempt individuals are not required to possess a hunting or trapping license but must have a Feral Swine Trapping Permit in order to trap.
  • Persons trapping feral swine must also follow Statewide Trapping Rules/Regulations.
  • There is no closed season and no bag limits for trapping feral swine.
  • Individuals assisting with feral swine trapping activities must have a copy of the trapping permit in their possession in the absence of the permit holder.
  • Only box and corral traps are legal for trapping feral swine under the Feral Swine Trapping Permit. Corral traps may not exceed 10,000 sq. feet in size.
  • The Feral Swine Trapping Permit Number must be displayed on all traps.
  • Feral swine traps must be constructed in a manner such that a non-target animal can easily be released or can escape without harm.
  • Feral swine must be euthanized while in the trap and may not be removed alive from any trap.
  • Permit does not authorize access to any property. Trapper must obtain all necessary permissions from the landholder(s) to lawfully trap on private or public property.
  • The Feral Swine Trapping Permit does not grant access to trap feral swine on NC Game Lands.  In addition to this permit and all other required licenses, written permission to trap feral swine on Game Lands must be obtained from NCWRC.
  • Individuals that wish to trap feral swine on their lands for depredation purposes can use the Feral Swine Trapping Permit to conduct those activities. 


 If conditions or situations arise that prohibit trapping under the conditions and terms described above, you may contact the WRC Communications Center at 1-800-662-7137 and request to be contacted by a local Wildlife Enforcement Officer to discuss other alternatives such as a Wildlife Depredation Permits. Depredation Permits may allow the trapping of feral swine outside of the above parameters.  Depredation permits require demonstration of property damage, threat to human safety, or documented overabundance.  Depredation permits will not allow the removal of live swine from a trap, that activity is prohibited by GS 113-291.12.

The goal of recent legislative changes and rule modifications is to make it easier to remove feral swine from the landscape and to prevent relocation and establishment of feral swine in areas they do not currently exist.  These exotic non-native animals compete with native wildlife and pose significant threats to the environment and agricultural operations.  The WRC will continue to evaluate opportunities to facilitate aggressive removal of feral swine.




Obtain Feral Swine Trapping Permit


Renew Feral Swine Trapping Permit