Wildlife Possession and Salvage Permit


A Possession and Salvage permit is no longer needed to possess most dead wildlife killed accidentally or found dead.  However, deer and turkey still require permission to be possessed, and bears may not be possessed at all. Also endangered, threatened or special concern species and Migratory Birds require appropriate State and Federal Permits prior to possession. 

Permit Restrictions, Rules and Conditions


When a deer or turkey is accidentally killed on a road or highway by reason of collision with a motor vehicle, the law enforcement officer who investigates the accident may authorize, upon request, the possession and transportation of the carcass of the deer for personal and lawful use, including delivery of the carcass to a second person for his private use or the use by a charitable organization.

Black bears accidentally killed or found dead cannot be possessed.

Species listed as endangered, threatened, or special concern under 15A NCAC 10I .0103, .0104, and .0105 may be possessed with written permission.

Raptors and nongame migratory birds may be possessed under a federal permit.

The sale of any wildlife resources or wildlife parts found dead is prohibited, except licensed trappers and hunters who may sell the carcasses or pelt of any beaver, coyote, groundhog, mink, muskrat, nutria, opossum, otter, raccoon, skunk, weasel or bobcat to a licensed fur dealer if the dead furbearing animal was found during the open season for that species. Licensed trappers and hunters may also sell the carcasses or pelt of any fox to a licensed fur dealer if the dead fox was found during an open fox season and the county in which the fox was found allows for the sale of fox carcasses and pelts. All tagging requirements apply as described in 15A NCAC 10B .0400.

Licenses are issued to a single individual at least 18 years of age or older.

Download the current Wildlife Possession and Salvage Rules from North Carolina Office of Administrative Hearings and General Statute:

How to Obtain a Permit


Fill out a completed Possession and Salvage Permit Application and submit to the NC Wildlife Resources Commission's address listed at the bottom of the form This permit has a $10 application fee. Make check or money order payable to NC Wildlife Resources Commission.  

All permit fees are non-refundable.

Contact Information

Address:   North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission 
Customer Service Section
1707 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1700
 Phone: 1-888-248-6834 or  919 707- 0391
 Fax: 919-707-0292