Coastal Rivers Fisheries Reports Now Online

  • 22 March 2013
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Coastal Rivers Fisheries Reports Now Online
Roanoke River Creel Clerks, Chip Peele and Patrick Railey, are interviewing Roanoke River anglers this spring to collect angling effort as well as size, catch and harvest data on striped bass, hickory shad and other fish.

RALEIGH, N.C. (March 22, 2013) — The N.C. Wildlife Resources has available new fisheries reports from four major coastal rivers — the Roanoke, Tar, Neuse and Cape Fear.

The Coastal Rivers Fisheries Reports will replace the Roanoke River Fishing Report, which has been a popular feature on the agency’s website each spring for the last 10 years.

The new fisheries reports will comprise information gleaned from Commission fisheries biologists who conduct electrofishing sampling for striped bass, American shad and hickory shad each spring. The reports will share the results of biologists’ fish-sampling work and creel clerks’ surveys to let anglers know what Wildlife Commission staff is seeing on the water and hearing at the boat ramps.

The reports, which will be posted frequently starting today through mid-May, will provide information on some of the catch, effort and harvest data that the Commission uses to manage these important migratory populations. Reports also will include photos and anecdotal observations shared by agency biologists.

“Because our Roanoke River fishing report has always been so well received by anglers from across the state, we thought we’d expand the coverage to all four of our coastal rivers, which also see some good fishing in the spring,” said Chad Thomas, Coastal Region fisheries supervisor for the Commission. “We hope our anglers will enjoy receiving sampling updates from our fisheries biologists regarding changes in numbers and distribution of striped bass and shad as they migrate up our coastal rivers to spawn.”

For more information on fishing in public, inland waters, visit the fishing page or call the Division of Inland Fisheries, 919-707-0220.

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