Wildlife Commission Celebrates Youth Day Monday at the State Fair

  • 14 October 2010
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RALEIGH, N.C. (October 15, 2010) – Youth visiting the Wildlife Commission’s exhibit at the State Fair on Monday, Oct.18, can participate in several activities designed to educate and entertain, including interacting with conservation educators and biologists to learn answers to wildlife questions and earn a wildlife sticker.

The day has been designated Youth Day by the N.C. Department of Agriculture, and participants can test their shooting skills at a free air rifle range, learn to identify animals by their scat, handle animal pelts and see live amphibians and reptiles.

Through the duration of the fair, visitors can see the Commission’s “Take it Outside” exhibit, which provides an indication of the many hunting, fishing, boating, watching and learning opportunities provided to the public by the Commission. Visitors can check out a 12-foot, interactive map to find places to hunt, fish, boat and wildlife watch within 50 miles of where they live. The exhibit, located just down from the Village of Yesteryear, is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. until Oct. 24.

For more information about the exhibit, visit www.ncwildlife.org/statefair.

The fairgrounds are located at 1025 Blue Ridge Road in Raleigh. Contact the N.C. State Fair staff at (919) 821-7400 or visit the N.C. State Fair website.

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