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Wildlife Commission Seeks Public Comment Online through April 1 for Migratory Bird Seasons

  • 15 March 2019
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RALEIGH, N.C. (March 15, 2019) — The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is seeking public comment on upcoming migratory game bird hunting seasons, as well as advising hunters of several important changes for the 2019-20 seasons.

Comments can be submitted online through April 1, 2019. The Commission will select the season dates at its April 25 business meeting in Raleigh.

Migratory game birds include waterfowl, doves, woodcock, rails, snipe, and gallinules and moorhens.

Beginning with the 2019-20 seasons, federal frameworks allow states to extend their 60 available hunting days for ducks to Jan. 31 each year. In response to a long-term decline in Atlantic Flyway mallards, federal frameworks have reduced the mallard daily bag limit from four mallards to two mallards, with no more than one hen mallard.

For brant, in response to several years of poor reproduction, this year’s federal frameworks will reduce the brant hunting season from 60 days to a 30-day season with a two-bird daily bag limit. The Commission is proposing to continue to remain more restrictive than federal frameworks allow and seeks feedback on a full 30-day brant season with a reduced bag limit of one brant per day.

Finally, a bill introduced into Congress last year and recently signed by President Donald Trump provides for special hunting days for active members of the military and veterans. The Natural Resources Management Act allows up to two special duck hunting days, which can occur up to 14 days before or after any regular hunting season for ducks, mergansers, and coots or in the closed portion between season segments. The Commission is proposing to hold the special veteran/military days concurrent with the youth-only waterfowl hunt days.

Read a more detailed overview of the important changes to the 2019-20 seasons.  The Commission’s website also lists the federal frameworks from which seasons may be selected and a direct link to a map of North Carolina’s Canada goose hunt zones.

For more information on migratory game birds in North Carolina, visit the Commission’s What to Hunt page.

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